The clothes designed as a lifeline for flying visitors to our gardens

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Thu Mar 3 11:59:21 EST 2011

> In addition to prioritizing species preservation, Ehrlich suggested
> starting with caps on human population growth and limiting resource
> consumption. "We could do something about it, but I don't see that we
> have the slightest inclination to," he said.

Does millionaire Ehrlich himself have any inclination to limit resource
consumption as compared to the average US citizen?

To find out, visit and type in
Paul Ehrlich and select California.  Then from the list that
is displayed copy the address of the Paul Ehrlich that was 
born in 1932 and enter it into Google Maps with Streetview
Then look at the vehicles in the driveway: One
is an SUV and the other is a Lexus 4 door sedan. 

Then go to to look at the size and
value of Ehrlich's home.

Paul Cherubini


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