Lep Course In Maine In July

Hugh McGuinness hmcguinness at ross.org
Wed Mar 9 13:12:21 EST 2011

Hello Lepidophiles,

Once again a wonderful course about Lepidoptera is being offered this summer
in July at Eagle Hill in Maine. Even though many of you might never consider
taking a course, I enrolled several years ago, and it was an incredible
experience that propelled me into doing research on Leps. Last year I was
the teaching assistant at the course, and this summer I am the instructor.

For those who don’t know me, I’ll provide a bit of biographical information.
Even though I am a high school science teacher by vocation, I hold a Ph.D.
in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan. Since
2004 I have been conducting yearly research projects monitoring moth
populations on eastern Long Island, NY, primarily under the auspices of The
Nature Conservancy. I am currently working on a regional checklist of moths
and hope to begin taxonomic work soon.

I plan on molding the course to the interest of students, and potential
topics include taxonomy of all major families, field identification, ecology
and phylogeny. There will be ample opportunity for field work both at day
and night. Last year we found over 40 species of butterflies and more than
300 species of moths.

The Humboldt Research Station, where the course takes place, is rustic but
with very nice accommodations. It is in a beautiful setting located along
the upper coast in Maine. There is a great diversity of habitats to explore
both at the station and in the surrounding area, which results in a large
number of species being encountered. I remember photographing moths (many of
which I have not seen since) to the calls of both Barred and Saw Whet Owl.
The food was excellent.

A description of the course, as well as the list of the other courses
offered at the station, can be found at:
http://www.eaglehill.us/programs/nhs/nhs-calendar.shtml. There will be two
other simultaneous courses at the station (this year one is on Carex and the
other on botanical Latin), which makes for interesting company at meals.

So if you are looking for a way to expand your knowledge of Leps, or miss
going away to summer camp, or just want to get away from everything for a
highly engaging week, check out the link above. Feel free to respond to me

Information on lodging options, meals, and costs may be found at

There is an online application form at


You can contact the station directly at:

The Humboldt Institute,

PO Box 9,

Steuben, ME 04680-0009.

207-546-2821. Fax 207-546-3042

office at eaglehill.us


Hugh McGuinness
The Ross School
18 Goodfriend Drive
East Hampton, NY 11937
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