[Leps-l] Adela purpurea lekking

David Hamilton Cox dhcox at nyx.net
Fri Jun 26 21:23:58 EDT 2020


 I have not observed lekking behavior in Adela purpurea; I'm interested to see that
term used for Lepidoptera. But I see this species occasionally, usually on Fleabane (Erigeron),
and was wondering while trying to take a photograph of one two days ago if the color
was strutural rather than pigment; as the wings look mostly black from most angles,
but quite purple from some angles. Here is a photo I took two days ago of one; it
took many tries to show this much purple. 


 I've read about structural colors in butterflies, but not moths, so I was curious.
Also, it would be interesting to know if there has been any speculation for the
unusual length of the antennae.


  For the past 5 years, I have been watching Adela purpurea here in
> Connecticut.  I was surprised to see the males lekking above pussy willow as
> I had not read about that behavior.  I'm wondering if anyone else has seen
> this.  Also, does anyone actually have a female in their collection?  I do
> not think I have seen one yet and all the specimens at UCONN were males.
> Here is a video showing the lekking behavior (the last section is slowed
> down by 2x).  UInfortunately, it only shows one male flying at a time.  I
> have seen groups of over 20 and maybe 30, but typically 1 to 5..  There are
> some still photos of up to four males in the frame at the end.
> https://vimeo.com/432643676
> I would enjoy comparing notes with anyone else who has been observing A.
> purpurea.
> Jeff Fast
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