[Leps-l] BBC news politics and butterflies

Neil Jones neil at aurinia.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 14:15:55 EDT 2021

This is an example of how here in  the UK wildlife conservation is 
starting to be taken seriously by political parties.

There may be things to be learned here about politicians and nature that 
can be used elsewhere.

I live in Wales, which is one of the constituent nations of the UK. The 
others are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Wales has its own parliament called the Senedd. The double DD is a 
voiced TH sound like in This and The but not in Thick or Thin. Wales has 
its own language and the reason we use DD for this sound is to do with 
the complicated Celtic grammar of the language. We have elections to the 
Senedd next Thursday which will elect our representatives for the next 5 
years and importantly most environmental legislation is controlled in 
Wales, with the parliament in London having no say in it at all.

The BBC produces news programs for Wales and there is a midday bulletin. 
I wasn't surprised to see that nature was being taken seriously by 
politicians, because as a conservationist I've been on a number of Zoom 
meetings with them pressing them to take nature seriously recently.  
However I was pleasantly surprised to see the lead item on yesterday's  
midday news was about the politics of  nature and the Senedd illustrated 
by work on a butterfly.

You will also notice in the introduction that they've used Monarchs to 
illustrate it. Only one has blue wings!


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