[Leps-l] Anyone ever hear of moths referred to as Heterocerids?

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Yes, its used correctly.
Order Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths
Suborder Heterocera - Moths
Suborder Rhopalocera - Butterflies

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 <!--#yiv9264646078 _filtered {} _filtered {} _filtered {}#yiv9264646078 #yiv9264646078 p.yiv9264646078MsoNormal, #yiv9264646078 li.yiv9264646078MsoNormal, #yiv9264646078 div.yiv9264646078MsoNormal {margin:0in;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;}#yiv9264646078 span.yiv9264646078EmailStyle19 {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;color:windowtext;}#yiv9264646078 .yiv9264646078MsoChpDefault {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;} _filtered {}#yiv9264646078 div.yiv9264646078WordSection1 {}-->Am I falling behind the times – or is this a made up term?  A quote from an SER publication –     “As a scientist and naturalist, Blaine has spent hundreds of nights conducting Nocturnal Lepidoptera (Heterocerids, a.k.a. Moths) surveys across the state of New Jersey”.       Thanks, j   Please consider the environment before printing this email 
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