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Fri Aug 1 10:59:04 EDT 2008

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Aug. 1, 2008

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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 22:22:59 +0100
From: Geraldine Auerbach <jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk>
Subject: Ot Azoy - one week Yiddish Course in London

Have you - or do you know anyone who has always wanted to learn Yiddish -
but did not have the koyakh to go and spend a whole summer in a Yiddish
retreat - in case they did not like it or did not get on etc ....

Well Ot Azoy! is the answer - we say it's the way to learn to 'Read Write
and Speak Yiddish in a week'  - and believe me you will even be dreaming in
Yiddish by the end of the week.

And it's in the heart of London at SOAS University of London. It is run by
one of the foremost international teachers - Helen Khayele Beer of
University College London and her chosen team of Peysakh Fiszman and Sonia
Pinkasuvitch and Heather Valencia and lily Kahn - with Shura Lipovsky doing
the learn Yiddish through song bit and Barry Davis introducing the films.

It starts on Sunday 17 August and goes on to Friday 22 August. On the
opening afternoon, we have the Majer Bogdanski Trubute - an afternoon of new
creativity in Yiddish remembering the wonderful man who composed so much.
(In the morning we have a beginners or refreshers class for those who need
it, on the Alef Beys).  As we have so many Alumni returning each year we
cater from complete beginners to advanced students.

There are still places available so if you or anyone you know maybe
interested check out the JMI Website www.jmi.org.uk where you can download
the registration form.  As a friend of JMI you can have a discount or £15
for the course.

(And of course this takes place the week after JMI KlezFest London (10 - 15
August)the amazing week for instrumentalists, singers and dancers - even
percussionists. It's a very intense week in the company of wonderful
musicians from all over the UK - and the world - led by Frank London and
with many klezmer luminaries. (There is also a wonderful concert on the
night of 13 August at West London Synagogue, Upper Berkeley Street W1). You
can see all about KlezFest on Website www.jmi.org.uk too.  You should jump
at the chance to be here if at all possible.

Hope to see you soon


Geraldine Auerbach MBE
Director, Jewish Music Institute
SOAS University of London
P O Box 232, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2NN
Tel 020 8909 2445   mobile: 07971 818 262
E-mail jewishmusic at jmi.org.uk
Website www.jmi.org.uk

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