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[Apologizes to any who have already received this issue--Untershames.]

The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language
(A Companion to MENDELE)

AUGUST 12, 1952

Contents of Vol. 12.015 [Sequential No. 206]
Date: 11 August 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008"
3) The tishebov of Yiddish Literature
4) Yerushalayimer Almanakh 28, ed. Dov-Ber Kerler
         a. Cover; b. Table of Contents
5) balebos and Solzhenitsyn
6) Zikhroynes fun a farshnitener teater heym (Part Two [Yiddish])
7) "Memories of a Lost Theater Home"  (Part Two ~VEnglish translation).
8) Dovid Hofshteyn's "In rusishe velder" (Yiddish)
9) Dovid Hofshteyn's "In rusishe velder" (English translation)
10) "In rusishe velder" sung by Emil Gorovets

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