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The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language
(A Companion to MENDELE)

Contents of Vol. 12.020 [Sequential No. 211]
Date: 26 November 2008

1) This issue of /The Mendele Review/ (ed.)
2) Kafka's Friend Dora Diamant Pays for the Shtentsl /Mendele/ Brochure 
(ed. and Professor Kathi Diamant)
3) Dora Diamant and A.-N. Shtentsl at a British Seaside Resort, Summer 
1950 (photo)_
_4) /Undzer Mendele /[Berlin, December, 1935] (A.–N. Shtentsl)
5)* "A freylekhs"* ["opgedrukt lekoved dem zeydn"] – A.-N.S. [Yiddish]
6) "A freylekhs" printed in Standard Yiddish
7) ('Joyous Dance [or Tune'], translation of "*A freylekhs*" (ed.)_
_8) A Reading of *"A freylekhs*" (ed.)_
_9) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008" (Carrie 

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