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From: rockandhawk at att.net
Subject: Publications on Judaica: MIPP caatalogue JWHe-26
Date: Wed Sep 3 11:29:19 2008

Some list members (especially those who read Russian and/or Romanian) 
may beinterested in this latest Judaica catalogue from MIPP (despite the 
poor English of the descriptions and the evident anti-Semitic nature of 
several titles).

Leonard Fox


Subject: Publications on Judaica: JWHe-26

POWERFUL SEARCH  through all MIPP databases and ordering at:
www.mippbooks.com <http://www.mippbooks.com/Page.AdvSearchBook.cls>

Catalog JWHE-26

MIPP International would like to present a new catalog JWHE-26 listing
publications on Judaica. We would be pleased to receive your orders and
responses at catalog at mippbooks.com
Thank you for your attention!


Kobliakov SH.
Pamiatnik moemu ottsu. [ A Monument to My Father]
Series: Pamiat' i imia The Memory and the Name.
Riga: Mezhdunarodnoe obshchestvo istorii getto i genotsida evreev, 2008. 1
p., il. Soft. In Russian.
A biographical book by a former Ghetto prisoner.
$34.00, item no. LAT3640

Liukimson P.
Ariel' SHaron. Voina i zhizn' izrail'skogo prem'er-ministra:
Dokumental'no-istoricheskoe izdanie.
[Ariel Sharon. War and Life of the Israeli Prime - Minister: Documentary and
Historical Edition]
Series: Lichnost'| Personality.
M.: Eksmo, 2008. 640 p.,il. Hard. ISBN 978-5-699-26158-1. 4000 copies. In

Piotr Lukimson is a well-known Israeli journalist and writer, the author of
numerous sensational journalistic investigations, including political ones.
He criticized Sharon lots of times, but still was impartial and unbiased
towards one of the most prominent and discrepant political figures in the
history of the Middle East of the XXth century. By telling us about Sharon's
life, full of unexpected events, the author describes a dramatic fortune of
Israel and the Middle East Region in common.
$31.00, item no. M77795

Grulev M.V.
Zapiski generala-evreia. [Notes of a Jewish General]
Series: Voennye memuary=A0| War Memoirs.
M.: Kuchkovo pole; Giperboreia, 2007. 272 p. Hard. ISBN 978-5-901679-59-3.
1000 copies. In Russian.
The reminiscences include life panorama of Russia at the turn of the
XIXth-XXth centuries. The author describes Jewish boroughs, General Staff
Academy he graduated from, life in the capital, Siberia, the Caucasus and
$28.00, item no. M77942


SHagalovskii mezhdunarodnyi ezhegodnik, 2006: Sbornik statei. [ Chagall
International Annual, 2006: Collected Articles]
Vitebsk: Vitebskaia oblastnaia tipografiia, 2007. 175 p. Soft. ISBN
978-985-6849-23-0. 500 copies. In Russian.
Collected articles by art critics, historians, journalists on the life and
creative work by Mark Chagall. Issues 2002(BEL5318), 2003(BEL5318), 2004
(volumes 1, 2 (BEL5318)), 2005(BEL05318a) are available.
$19.00, item no. BEL05318b

Issue 22: Vitebsk: 2008. 168 p. 30x21 cm. Soft. 290 copies. In Russian.
The =B3Mishpokha=B2 has been published by the Jewish community of 
Belarus since
1995. New prose and poetic works by Jewish writers; analysis of the
previously unknown historical events; the Holocaust issues; memoirs and
biographic studies about famous artists, politicians, sportsmen; reviews of
new books and other questions. Issues 1(BEL3064), 4(BEL3065), 5(BEL3287),
6(BEL3490), 7(BEL3617), 8(BEL3841), 9(BEL4047), 10(BEL4427), 11(BEL4679),
12(BEL4989), 13-21(BEL5562) are available.
$19.00, item no. BEL05562d

CHetvertye Torchinovskne chteniia. Filosofiia, religiia i kul'tura stran
Vostoka: Materialy nauchnoi konferentsii. S.-Peterburg, 7-10 fevralia 2007
g. [The Fourth Torchinov Readings. Philosophy, Religion and Culture of the
Orient Countries: Materials of the Scientific Conference. St.Petersburg,
February, 7-10, 2007]
SPb.: SPbGU, 2007. 817 p. 20x14.5 cm. Soft. ISBN 978-5-288-04523-3. In
Russian.The collection is dedicated to the interpretation of sarcophagus 
textual and
graphic problem, synthesis of Jew traditions and Western influence in Hebrew


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