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Sept. 9, 2008

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Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 17:51:15 -0400
From: Binyumen Schaechter <Bschaechter at nyc.rr.com>
Subject: Yiddish Chorus, NY, Auditions

The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus (JPPC) of New York, which 
specializes in Yiddish choral music, will hold auditions for all voice 
parts on:

Monday, September 8,
Monday, September 15, and
Monday, September 22,

between 5:00 PM and 6:15 PM each day. on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The 40-member chorale, which has recently performed at Shea Stadium, 
Lincoln Center, and the North American Jewish Choral Festival - as well as 
released its first CD, "Zingt!  A Celebration of Yiddish Choral Music" 
(which has drawn raves and sold over 1000 copies), - is committed to the 
highest quality of performance.

The auditions are by appointment only and can be scheduled by emailing 
<information at thejppc.org>.

Candidates must have a good ear, be able to sing in harmony and have a 
voice that blends.

*No* knowledge of Yiddish is necessary. Translations are always provided.

Rehearsals are held weekly from September through early June at 230 West 
103 St., between Broadway and West End Ave., on Monday evenings, 

The JPPC is conducted by Binyumen Schaechter.

More info about the JPPC can be found at <www.thejppc.org>.

The JPPC is a non-discriminatory organization and welcomes qualified 
singers without regard to religion, race, national origin, sexual 
orientation, marital status, or disability.

Binyumen Schaechter, Conductor

Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus / Yidisher filharmonisher folkskhor

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