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Sept. 11

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From: Steven Lasky <steve at museumoffamilyhistory.com>
Subject: The Poetry of Jung Vilne
Date: Fri Sep 5 12:49:47

Dear Friends,

I would first like to thank publicly those of you who responded to my 
request to help me further identify those members of Jung Vilne whom I 
could not. They are all now identified. You can see the updated webpage at 
www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/yw-jung-vilne.htm. Certainly if any of you 
have any other such photos of Jung Vilne group members, etc., feel free to 
send them to me by email and I can include them too. In the future, the 
Jung Vilne material will be part of a future multimedia exhibition 
entitled "Vilna: Center of the Jewish World."


As part of my desire to keep the Yiddish language and culture alive, I 
have decided to include some poems written by each of the Jung Vilne 
within the walls of my virtual museum. My plan is to devote at minimum a 
single webpage to each of them. Each page would include a photo of them, a 
biography of reasonable length, along with at least one poem written by 
them. I am hoping that some of you can supply me with these poems in the 
needed languages. Of course, I would provide proper credit and 
attributions where needed. I would like to include the following versions: 
Yiddish (using Hebrew letters), Yiddish (transliterated form using Roman 
letters), and the English translation. Certainly, a Hebrew version is 
always a possibility. I would like to provide the transliterated form 
especially, as I would like those who cannot read Hebrew/Yiddish to be 
able to speak the words aloud or to themselves, so they might, appreciate 
moreso the beauty of the Yiddish language as it rolls off their tongue. I 
think this would be a wonderful lesson in Yiddish Appreciation for those 
who are strangers or are far removed from hearing such words.

Also, as my site is replete with a multitude of audio and video clips, I 
ideally would like to include an audio version of the same or different 
poems (or video, if it is possible and seems to fit the bill), which would 
probably be included within my future "Yiddish Corner"; I then would need 
one or more people with a "proper" Yiddish accent, etc., to read such 
poetry as it is recorded by them or by me.

So perhaps this will be a unique situation, perhaps not. I don't know. 
What I do know is that the possibility of exposing more people to the 
creative mind of our Yiddish writers excites me, so I am hoping it does 
you too. If you have any questions, or need clarification on what I am 
looking for, please let me know. This would be a wonderful way of keeping 
the memory of the Jung Vilne group alive, and I'd be quite pleased to 
involve those of you who are interested, in this project. It would not be 
hard to do, though it requires others to participate to a certain extent. 
In the future, I would also like to include written and audio-visual 
versions of acts of Yiddish plays, as well as Yiddish music in many of its 
delicious forms.

I was very pleased recently to receive the IAJGS (International 
Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies) award for Outstanding 
Contribution to Jewish Genealogy via the Internet, Print or Electronic 
Product. I felt so honored, as I can think of nothing I would rather 
devote my life to. One of the aspects of my virtual museum that I am most 
pleased with is that of the "Yiddish World,"; and I am very hopeful that I 
can make it more substantial and important (at least in a popular sense) 
over time.

For those of you who are unaware that I have an exhibition about Yiddish 
playwright Dovid Pinski, you might like to visit it. You can find it by 
visiting my Site Map page at www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/sm.htm ,or you 
might like to see my website's more &quot;robust&quot; alternate front 
page at www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/mfh.htm . Just click on the link 
below the Ellis Island photo to see this alternate page.

Again, feel free to contact me with any questions (or ideas) you may have.
Thank you so much.

Steven Lasky
New York
steve at museumoffamilyhistory.com

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