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Sept. 23, 2008

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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 14:28:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: League for Yiddish <info at leagueforyiddish.org>
To: victor.bers at yale.edu
Subject: Film-meldung far mendele

Tayere Viktor,
Za"g un shik dos aroys bay a gelegnhayt. Ikh hof az es veln nit zayn kin modne tseykhns. Dos
letste mol hot gut gearbet fun dem adres. Al dos guts, Ayer sheva Tsuker

Yidishe Shraybers- Film-Proyekt

Di Yidish-lige, di aroysgebers funem zhurnal Afn Shvel, freyt zikh tsu meldn az der film BEYLE
SHEKHTER-GOTESMAN: HARBSTLID, der tsveyter film in undzer serye A Velt mit Veltelekh: Shmuesn mit
Yidishe Shraybers, iz shoyn do tsu bakumen.

BEYLE SHEKHTER-GOTESMAN: HARBSTLID iz a redaktirter intervyu mit der
bakanter yidisher poetese, lider-shraybern, un zingern, durkhgefirt fun ir zun,
dem folklorist/zhurnalist Itzik Gotesman, un baraykhert fun fotografyes un
Shekhter-Gotesmans eygener muzik. Der film iz 72 minut lang. Der intervyu iz durkhoys af yidish
mit zeyer pinktlekhe un arumnemike englishe unterkeplekh.

Beyle Schaechter-Gotesmans nomen iz  farbundn say mitn modernem yidishn lid un say mit der
tsentraler role vos zi hot geshpilt un shpilt nokh alts bam uflebn un inspirirn dem interes in
yidishn lid un poezye tsvishn a gants nayem dor kinstlers. Inem film redt Beyle vegn ir lebn un
shaferishn gang: ire kinder-yorn in der yidisher kultur-svive fun Tshernevits (demolt Rumenye) vi
di tokhter fun a fayner folkzingern un a laydnshaftlekhn yidishist, di milkhome-yorn in Rumenye,
ir antviklung vi a moderner yidisher poet un lider-shrayber in Nyu-York, un ire gedanken vegn der
yidisher literatur un shaferishkeyt. Se bakumt zikh derfun a filfarbik bild fun der velt fun a
froy vos hot kindvayz retsitirt poezye farn groysn mesholim-shrayber Eliezer Shteynbarg, iz geven
a teyl fun a lebediker yidish-svive in di Bronks, un iz der eyntsiker yidisher poet vos zol ven a
mol hobn bakumen di premye far natsyonaler kultur-yerushe bam landishn oylomes-fond far kunst, di
hekhste oystseykhenung in Amerike far der folkkunst.
Di hoykhpunktn nemen arayn Beyles retsitirn etlekhe fun ire lider, vi oykh
ir zingen etlekhe fun ire eygene lider, tsvishn zey di balibte"Mayn Khaverte
Mintsye" un "Borekh-habo Dir, Khaver".

Dem film hot rezhisirt un redaktirt Dzhash Valetsky, der rezhisor un redaktor fun di filmen Imazh
far mayne oygn  (Image Before My Eyes) un Vilner Partizaners (Partisans of Vilna), vi oykh der
redaktor fun dem Emmy -premirtn film, Yitskhok Perlman: Inem fidlers hoyz  (Itzhak Perlman: In the
Fiddler’s House). Tsvishn andere oystseykhenungen hot Dzhash oykh gevunen dem zilbernem dukat afn
Manheimer internatsyonaln Film-festival farn Imazh, vi oykh dem ershtn priz afn Anthropos
internatsyonaln Film-festival far Partizaners.

A VELT MIT VELTELEKH: SHMUESN MIT YIDISHE SHRAYBERS tsilevet tsutsushteln say a vizueln say a
bal-peikn dokument fun bakante haynttsaytike yidishe shraybers kedey itstike un kumedike doyres
zoln kenen “farbrengen” mit ot di fastsinirndike figurn un khapn an araynblik in zeyer verk un
svive. Biz itst, akhuts Shekhter-Gotesmanen, hobn mir filmirt Itshe Goldbergn, vi oykh dem
moler/shrayber Yonye Fayn un di shraybern Khave Rosenfarb.
Undzer ershter film, ITSHE GOLDBERG: OYB NIT NOKH HEKHER, vegn dem yidishn pedagog, eseyist,
literature-kritiker, poet un redaktor Itshe Goldberg, iz oykh do tsu bakumen.

Beyde filmen shteln mit zikh for a perfekte program far a yidish-krayz, -klas, tsi afile ayer
ortikn yidishn tsi dokumentarn film-festival. Di filmen ken men bakumen in format fun oder VHS
oder DVD.

Kedey tsu bashteln , shikt $30 (a film)   + $5 pak- un post-gelt (in di fareynikte shtatn), oder
shikt ayer kredit-kartl-informatsye tsu:

Pak- un post-gelt in  Kanade - $6.
Pak- un post-gelt in andere lender - $5 farn DVD, $12 farn VHS

Me ken oykh bashteln af undzer vebzaytl www.leagueforyiddish.org oder mit a kredit-kartl oder
durkh paypal.
Mit frages vendt zikh tsu undz af info at leagueforyiddish.org oder klingt

Yiddish Writers Film Project
Worlds within a World: Conversations with Yiddish Writers
Beyle Schaechter Gottesman: Song of Autumn


 	The League for Yiddish is pleased to announce that the film Beyle Schaechter Gottesman: Song of
Autumn (Beyle Shekhter-Gotesman: Harbstlid), the second film in our series Worlds within a World:
Conversations with Yiddish Writers (A velt mit veltelekh: shmuesn mit yidishe shraybers) is ready
and available for viewing and purchase.
 	Beyle Schaechter Gottesman: Song of Autumn is an edited  interview conducted with this remarkable
Yiddish poet, songwriter, and singer by her son, folklorist/journalist Itsik Gottesman, and
enhanced by photo stills and Schaechter-Gottesman's music. The film is 72 minutes long. The
 	In Song of Autumn, BEYLE, whose name has become synonymous with modern Yiddish song and who has
played a central role in revivng and inspiring interest in Yiddish song and poetry among a whole
new generation of artists, discusses her life and creative path: her upbringing in the Yiddish
cultural milieu of Tshernevits (then Rumania) as the daughter of a remarkable traditional folk
singer and a passionate Yiddishist, the war years in Rumania,  her development as a modern Yiddish
poet and songwriter in New York, and her views on Yiddish literature and creativity. What emerges
is a rich picture of the world of a woman who recited poetry to the great Yiddish fabulist Eliezer
Shteynbarg as a child, was part of a vibrant Yiddish enclave in the Bronx, and is the only Yiddish
poet ever to be awarded a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts,
the nation's top honor for folk arts.
 	Highlights include Beyle's reciting several of her poems as well as singing several of her own
songs, among them the favorites,"Mayn khaverte Mintsye" (My Friend Mintsye) and "Borekh-habo dir,
khaver" (Welcome, My Friend).
The film is directed and edited by Josh Waletzky, director  and editor of Image before My Eyes
and Partisans of Vilna. Among other awards, Josh is the recipient of the Silver Ducat at the
Mannheim International Film Festival for Image and First Prize at the Anthropos International Film
Festival for  Partisans.
 	Worlds within a World: Conversations with Yiddish Writers aims to provide a visual and oral
document of prominent contemporary Yiddish writers so that present and future generations can
"spend time" with these fascinating figures and gain some insight into their work and milieu. Thus
far, in addition to Schaechter-Gottesman, we have filmed Itche Goldberga, painter/writer Yonia
Fain, and poet/novelist Chava Rosenfarb.
 	Also available for purchase is our first film Itche Goldberg: A Century of Yiddish Letters (ITSHE
GOLDBERG: OYB NIT NOKH HEKHER) on Yiddish educator, essayist, literary critic, poet and editor
Itche Goldberg.

 	Both films make the perfect program for a Yiddish circle, class, or even your local Jewish or
documentary film festival. The films are available in VHS or DVD format. To order, send $30 (PER
FILM) plus $5 postage (in the US) OR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION to League for Yiddish
64 FULTON ST. Suite 1101 New York, New York 10038.

Postage for Canada $6.00 for either VHS or DVD.

International postage other than Canada $5 for the DVD and $12 for the 

You may also order at our website  www.leagueforyiddish.org with a credit card or paypal.For
questions, please contact us at info at leagueforyiddish.org or call 212 889-0380.

League for Yiddish/Afn Shvel
45 East 33rd St. Suite 203
New York, NY 10016
212 889-0380
919 286-1641


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