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Personal Notices and Announcements

Feb. 20, 2009 

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A Yidish-zhurnal nit a langn yikhes un a nayem gayst!

Di Yidish-Lige lozt visn az der numer 342-343 funem zhurnal AFN SHVEL iz 
aroys fun druk. Der unikaler numer, "Birobidzhan – A mol un haynt", 
ibergegebn der yidisher oytonomer gegnt in Rusland, iz koylel 64 zaytn. 
Tsvishn andern vet ir do kenen leyenen a perzenlekhe bashraybung fun 
emetsn vos iz ersht nisht lang dortn geven, oytentishe briv fun 
Birobidzhan fun di 1930er yorn, un naye beletristik. Dertsu zaynen do 
artiklen vegn Yidishe shraybers un poezye say fun hayntike, say fun 
klasishe yidishe poetn. Ir kent zen dem toykhn vi oykh a muster-artikl 
af undzer vebzaytl: http://leagueforyiddish.org/issue342343.html


– ­Birebidzhan? Birobidzhan? – Mordkhe Shekhter un Sheve Tsuker
­– A farkerte velt – Birobidzhan fun der noent: ayndrukn fun a nesiye in 
der yidisher oytonomer gegnt, zumer 2007 – Sheve Tsuker
– Briv fun Birobidzhan, 1935-1937 ­– Luis Svarez
– Hoyinu kekhoylmim (dertseylung) – Ber Boris Kotlerman
– FUN UNDZERE BIKHER-POLITSES: Tsvey mol fun fayer aroys: a bibliotek un 
a gnize in Birobidzhan – Sheve Tsuker
– Di anishinaber khsidim (dertseylung) – Rakhm iel Vitkuf un Bassheve Kipnis
– "Nor dos lid iz mir eygn": Tsum 25stn yortsayt fun Rokhl Korn – 
Yitskhok Shaye Levitan
– MIR GEDENKEN - Eliezer Frekel, Z"l – Yakov Shekhter
– POEZYE – Fir a togbikhl – Beyle Shekhter-Gotesman
– ONGEKUMEN IN REDAKTSYE - Proze un poezye fun Ana Margolin, Perets 
Markish, Merl (Malke) Bakhman, Aleksander Shpiglblat, Yankev Groper, un 
Moyshe Shklyar


AFN SHVEL vert aroysgegebn fun der Yidish-Lige. Es kumen aroys 3 numern 
a yor. Der zhurnal iz shoyn 67 yor alt. Af di zaytn fun AFN SHVEL vet ir 
- artiklen fun Yidish-kultureln, literarishn, lingvistishn, un koolshn 
- zeyer a modernem, estetishn format mit bilder, ilustratsyes un a 
kolirte hile
- breyte glosarn (af English un af Yidish) vos baleytn etlekhe artiklen 
kedey tsutsuhelfn dem nayern leyener.

DOS ABONIRN ZIKH kost nor $42 ($21 far studentn, $60 far institutsyes). 
An eyntsl-numer kost $15. Shikt ayer tshek, oysgeshtelt tsu: League for 
Yiddish, Inc. af dem adres:
League for Yiddish, Inc.
64 Fulton St., Suite 1101
New York, NY 10038
Zayt azoy gut un shikt undz ayer nomen, say af der landshprakh say af 
Yidish, adres, telefon, vi oykh ayer blitsadres. Ir kent zikh oykh a 
bonirn mit a kredit-kartl oder durkh paypal.com af undzer vebzaytl: 
www.leagueforyiddish.org. Oyb ir hot frages, farbindt zikh mit undz 
durkh blitspost: info at leagueforyiddish.org oder klingt on in byuro: 

Ven ir abonirt zikh vert ir oytomatish a mitglid fun der Yidish-Lige.
Nokh informatsye vegn AFN SHVEL un der Yidish-Lige kent ir gefinen af 
undzer vebzaytl: www.leagueforyiddish.org

A Yiddish Magazine for the 21st Century

The League for Yiddish is pleased to announce that issue number 342-343 
of its magazine Afn Shvel is now available. This issue, devoted to 
Birobidzhan, the Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia, contains 64 pages 
and features a first-hand account of a recent trip there, authentic 
letters from Birobidzhan from the 1930s, and new fiction. In addition, 
you can read articles about Yiddish writers as well as poetry by both 
comtemporary and classic Yiddish poets. You can view the table of 
contents as well as a sample article at our website: 

Table of Contents

– Birebidzhan? Birobidzhan? by Mordkhe Schaechter and Sheva Zucker
– The Upside-down World of Birobidzhan: Impressions of a Trip to the 
Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia, Summer 2007 - by Sheva Zucker
– Letters from Birobidzhan, 1935-1937 - by Louis Suarez
– We Were as Dreamers (fiction) - by Boris Kotlerman
8 0 ABOUT BOOKS: Twice out of the Fire: A Library and a Genizah in 
Birobidzhan - by Sheva Zucker
– The Anishinaber Hasidim (fiction) - by Ralph Wittcoff and Bertha Kipnis
– "Only the Song is My Own": On the 25th Anniversary of the Death of 
Poet Rachel H. Korn - by Seymour Levitan
– WE REMEMBER – Eliezer Frenkel, Z"L: Educator, Literary Scholar, Poet, 
Territorialist - by Yakov Shechter
– "Keep a Diary" - poem by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman
– BOOKS RECEIVED: Poetry and Prose by Yechiel Shraibman, Peretz Markish, 
Anna Margolin, Merle Bachman, Alexander Shpiglblatt, and Yankev Groper

About Afn Shvel

Afn Shvel, now in its 67th year, is the organ of the League for Yiddish. 
We publish 3 issues a year. The magazine:
– features articles of Yiddish cultural, literary, linguistic, and 
communal interest
– has a beautiful, modern layout, a multi-colored cover and 
high-resolution photos
– offers several articles accompanied by extensive glossaries to help 
newer readers.

The price of a subscription is $42 ($21for students, $60 for 
institutions). A single issue costs $15. To subscribe, send credit card 
details or a check made out to League for Yiddish, Inc., to: League for 
Yiddish, Inc., 64 Fulton St., Suite 1101, New York, NY 10038.
Please send us your name in both Yiddish and English or the language of 
your country, address and telephone number. Please be sure to include 
your email address. You may also subscribe online with a credit card or 
paypal.com at our website: www.leagueforyiddish.org.
For questions, please contact us at info at leagueforyiddish.org or call us 
at 212-889-0380.
Subscribing automatically makes you a member of the League for Yiddish.



A yasher-koyekh. Der birobidzhaner numer iz azoy gut, sheyn un raykh az 
kh'ken poshet nit gefinen di pasike loybverter. Elye Palevski, 
Saynt-Ogustin, Floride

Ongekumen der Birobidzhan-numer Afn Shvel. Ikh hob ersht itst zikh 
genumen leyenen ober ikh ze shoyn az, punkt vi in di freirdike numern un 
efsher nokh mer, vet es zayn interesant un balerndik un ­– poshet ayngenem.
Yitskhok Niborski, Medem-Bibliotek, Pariz

Vunderlekher numer Afn Shvel.
Shie Fogel, Toronter Universitet, Toronte

What an outstanding issue! It's not only handsome, it's interesting!
Ruth Dropkin, Brooklyn




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