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Mendele: Yiddish literature and language

Contents of Vol. 19.003
June 16, 2009

1) Plea to authors (Hugh Denman)
2) eyer-kikhl (Josh Price)
3) Catholics singing Yiddish (Tomas Novotny)
4) translations/meanings of words sought (Freydl Cielak)

Date: June 5, 2009
Subject: Plea to authors

Authors of books on Yiddish culture often announce their works in either 
Mendele or in Mendele Personal Notices. Quite naturally, they want us to 
know that their books have been published, what they are about and, with 
due blushing modesty, how excellent they are. All power to their elbow! We 
potential readers are truly delighted to hear the news. But may I make a 
plea to all such authors? Please spare a thought for those of us 
responsible for ordering books for university and other libraries and give 
the full bibliographic details.

Today for example I read a personal notice from Warren Hoffman announcing 
his "The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture."  Typically he 
gives us a useful synopsis, but otherwise mentions only his own name and 
the title. That just isn't enough!

What we also need, mutatis mutandis, is something like this:

Hoffman, Warren, The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture,
Syracuse U.P., 2009, 216pp. [ISBN: 978-08156-3202-3], $24.95.

That way, the necessary information can be cut-and-pasted directly into an 
accessions-list, saving faculty and librarians time and helping the 
authors themselves to get their books purchased and read as expeditiously 
as possible. I happen, by the way, to use to use MHRA style, but, of 
course, the Chicago U.P. nusekh is equally acceptable.

Hugh Denman

Date:  March 28, 2009
Subject:  eyer-kikhl

While reading Bashevis' "Di kafeterye," the Yale-New Haven Leyenkrayz came 
across "eyer-kikhl."  Can someone provide a description of precisely what 
kind of delicacy this is?

Josh Price

Date: June 10, 2009
Subject: Catholics singing Yiddish

Libe khaveyrim!

If you would like to see that even Catholic authorities can sing in 
Yiddish, please, go to

Zayt gezunt!

Tomas Novotny

Date:  June 3, 2009
Subject: translations/meanings of words sought

Can you Mendelianer, help with the meaning and translation of several 
words, all from the Yiddish Book "Tsvey shtiber" fun Aren Pakht?

1) oybst

Fun di gertener hot zikh getrogn der geshmaker reyakh fun tsaytikn oybst

2) katerinke, katerinshtshik

oyfn mark, der katerinshtshik mit zayn katerinke

3) der makher

Yolke, der makher, hot festgeshtelt az er ken alts derleydikn.....

4) der kyonkash

dortn hot gevoynt a shuster velkher iz geven bakant mitn tsunomen: Der 

5) der kazyoner

gekumen keyn vishkov fun lite, iz reb hayzer, der kasyoner....., gekumen 
iz er tsu zayn a lerer far di besere mentshn fun shtetl....

Ikh dank aykh foroys, Freydl
Frida Cielak fun Meksike
End of Mendele Vol. 19.003
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