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March 16, 2009


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Sunday, March 22, 2:00 PM            

8339 W. 3rd St., 2nd Floor (co. Flores)

Los Angeles, CA 90024                                


The California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language and The Los Angeles Yiddish Culture Club present


Metamorphoses: Dramatic Readings from Yiddish Literature


By Guest NY Performer

Shane Baker 


An unforgettable opportunity to hear masterful renditions of works

by an array of Yiddish culture’s best modern creative minds:

(In Yiddish with English Translations)


Works by -

Kadia Molodowsky:

Di Dame mitn Hintl  (The Lady with the Dog) 

A Mantl fun a tunkeln gevantl  (A Cloak of Dark Material) 


Y.L. Peretz:



Anna Margolin:

Ikh bin geven a mol a yingling  (Once I Was Young) 


Itzik Manger (from Rainer Maria Rilke):   Shigoen   (Wansinn - Madness) 


Moyshe Leyb Halpern:

Moyshe Nadirs Leyzer-Elye, der fun der alter heym (Leyzer Elye, from the Old Country) by Moshe Nadir

Azoy keseyder (Thus Ever)     and  Oksn-kamf  (Bullfight) by Kupsan


Y.-L. Teler

Yid Zis Openhaymer oyf zayn ershtn bazukh baym Profesor Zigmund Freud

 (Jud' Suess Oppenheimer on his First Visit with Professor Sigmund Freud)


Joseph Buloff

(Letter to his Father)


H. Leivick

Lebn Mayns  (Life of Mine) 


Shane Baker is not only a multitalented performer, with over 30 years of performing experience as an actor, director, magician and puppeteer across North America and Europe, he is also the Executive Director of the Congress for Jewish Culture in N Y City, dedicated to promoting Yiddish language and culture throughout the world.   He studied acting with the late Luba Kadison-Buloff, a founding member of the original Vilna Troupe and widow of the late Joseph Buloff. His recitations from Yiddish literature have been favorably compared to those of Hertz Grosbard, Buloff and Sidi Tal.   Lately, Shane has been working with the newly formed New York based troupe, the New Yiddish Rep, where he presents his one-man show, Yiddish Plus Vaudeville Divided by Shane Baker.


Admission:  $10 Gen’l/$8 Sr.     miriam at yiddishinstitute.org <mailto:miriam at yiddishinstitute.org>   310-745-1190



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