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Fri Apr 9 10:56:53 EDT 2010

Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

April 9, 2010

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 22:20:53 -0400
From: Congress for Jewish Culture <kongres at earthlink.net>
Subject: April 19th Warsaw Uprising Memorial in NYC

Tayere fraynd,

Der Yidisher kultur-kongres tsuzamen mitn Yidishn arbeter-komitet un dem
arbeter-ring farbetn aykh hartsik tsu kumen opgebn koved undzere heldn un
martirer vi mir merkn op dem 67stn yortog nokhn oyfshtand in Varshever

Montik, dem 19tn April, 2010
3 a zeyger nokh mitog
untern frayen himl, baym shteyn in Riverside Park, Manhattan
Riverside Drive tsvishn 83ster un 84ster gas

In program:
Forzits: Dr. Martsel Kshensky
Aryeh Libovits, Yidisher arbeter-komitet, N"Yer tsvayg
Adrian Benepe, Parkn-komisyoner, shtot N"Y

In der artistisher program:
Adrienne (Khane) Kuper funem arbeter-ring
Dovid Mandelboym funem nayem Yidishn repertuar-teater

Ir vert oykh hartsik farbetn baytsuvoynen di hazkore vos vert adurkhgefirt
fun arbeter-ring
6:30 in ovnt dem zelbikn tog in Baruch-kaledzh teater, 55 Lexington
evenyu, rog 25ster gas

Vayterdike protim: 212-505-8040

The Congress for jewish Culture together with the Jewish Labor Committee
and the Workmen's Circle invite you to honor our heroes and martyrs as we
observe the 67th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Monday, April 19, 2010
3 PM
At the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Memorial Plaza in Riverside Park
Riverside Drive between 83rd and 84th Streets

Chair: Dr. Marcel Kshensky
Arieh Lebowitz, Jewish Labor Committee, New York Chapter
Adrian Benepe, New York City Parks Commissioner

In the artistic program:
Adrienne Cooper, Workmen's Circle
David Mandelbaum, New Yiddish Rep

You are also invited to attend the Workmen's Circle memorial program to be
held at 6:30 that evening in the Baruch College Performing Arts Center, 55
Lexington Avenue, corner of 25th Steet.

For more information, call
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