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Thu Aug 26 19:54:02 EDT 2010

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Aug. 26, 2010

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 11:44:27 +0200
From: Brith Haavoda <brtavoda at netvision.net.il>
Subject:Lebns-Fragn redaktor bakumt Mendele Prayz Tel Aviv

Tayere Mendelyaner,

Es iz shoyn dershinen der numer 693-694 fun der tsaytshrift "Lebns-Fragn", 
organ fun dem Arbeter-Ring in Yisroel, far di khedoshim Yuli un Oygust, un 
es vert shoyn gegreyt tsum druk der kumendiker numer far September-Oktober 
2010 -  mit a nisht veyniker interesantn un balerndikn polemishn inhalt. 
Mir brengen in im aktuele artiklen un informatsyes funem politishn un 
kultur-gezelshaftlekhn lebn oyf der velt, in land, un in Yidishland.

Bay der gelegenhayt, frayen mir zikh oykh mitsuteyln di Mendelyaner, az 
der redaktor fun "Lebns-Fragn", Itskhok Luden, iz di teg gevorn 
oysgetseykhnt mit dem Mendele-prayz far 2010 far zayn lebns-verk un zayn 
tsushtayer far der Yidish-prese in Yisroel vi a publitsist un redaktor, a 
mekhaber fun literarishe verk oyf Yidish un far forbrengen di Yidishe 
kultur-shafung in Yisroel in meshekh fun iber 50 yor. Di zhury fun der 
premye iz bashtanen fun Prof. Avrom Novershtern (forzitser), Prof. David 
Asaf, di dikhterin Rivka Basman Ben-Khayim, Dr. Nati Kohen un redaktor 
Beni Mer.

Di premye fun Mendele Moykher Sforim far Yidish vet tsugeteylt vern 
tsuzamen mit der Bialik un Tshernikhovsky premyes far hebreyisher 
literatur-shafung mit der bateylikung fun dem shtot-prezident fun Tel 
Aviv: Ron Khuldai. Di yerlekhe farteylung fun di premyes vet forkumen 
dinstik, dem 12-tn oktober, 19:00 in ovnt in zal fun "Merkaz Einav" , Ibn 
Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv.

Dear Mendelyaner:

The July-August 2010 issue of "Lebns-Fragn". no. 693-694, the bi-monthly 
organ of the Arbeter-ring/Workmen's Circle in Tel Aviv has just been 
printed, and the coming issue for Sept.-Oct. is being prepared - with a 
rich and diverse content. We bring you current events and information on 
the political and cultural, social life in the world, in Israel, and in 

At this opportunity, we are delighted to inform the Mendelyaner that the 
editor of the "Lebns-Fragn", Itschok Luden, has just been awarded the 
prestigious Mendele Prize for 2010 for his life's work and his 
contribution to the Yiddish press in Israel as ell as being a publicist 
and editor, an author of literary works in Yiddish, and for advancing 
Yiddish culture and creativity in Israel for more than 50 years. The jury 
was comprised of : Prof. Avrom Noverstern (Chairman), Prof. David Asaf, 
the poetess Rivka Basman Ben-Khayim, Dr. Nati Cohen and the editor Beni 

The Mendele Moikher Seforim Prize will be awarded together with the Bialik 
and Tchernichovsky Prizes for Hebrew literature, by the Mayor of Tel Aviv, 
Mr. Ron Khuldai. The ceremony will take place Tuesday, Ocotber 12th, 2010 
at 7:00 P.M. at the "Einav Center", 71 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv.

48 Kalisher St
Tel-Aviv 65165, ISRAEL

Tel / Fax : 972 3 5176764
Blitzpost/E-mail: brtavoda at netvision.net.il
Undzer vebzayt/Website:  www.lebnsfragn.com
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