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Thu Aug 26 20:03:56 EDT 2010

Mendele Personal Notices & Announcements

Aug. 26, 2010

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:33:00 +0200
From: Brith Haavoda <brtavoda at netvision.net.il>
Subject: Arbeter-ring Tel Aviv Onhayb Sezon

Khosheve Khaverim,

Dem 1-tn September efenen mir dem kultur-sezon 2010-2011 un mir trefn zikh 
vider oyf di frimorgns fun undzer kultur krayz. Undzer klub mit zayn 
raykher yidisher bibliotek iz ofn yedn tog far ale libhobers fun der 
Yidisher shprakh un kultur. Baygelaygt der program fun di geplante 

1 Sept., 11:30, "Der Oyfbli fun Yidishn Teater", Prof. Avrom Novershtern.
In artistishn teyl: di zingerin: Vera Lozhinski, baym klavir: Regina 

15 Sept., 11:30, Ondenk Frimorgn lzekher Mikhael Ben-Avraham Weinapel.
Mitn onteyl fun: Mordkhe Dunitz, Itzchok Luden, Rakhel Akhunov, Eran 
Torbiner un andere. Mit fragmentn fun filmen.

29 Sept., 11:30, "Di Biblishe Heldn in Sholem Asch's Drames", Dr. Leah 
In artistishn teyl: Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow - retzitatzyes.

13 Oct., 11:30, Rivka Basman Ben-Khayim - Lekoved ir nayem bukh lider "Al 
Meitar Hageshem" = "Oyf a Struneh fun Regn", mit Prof. Avrom Novershtern, 
Itzchok Luden, un andere.
In artistishn teyl: Ana Smolov - klavir

27 Oct., 11:30, "Rekhiles un Pikante Mayses in di Muser Sforim fun 
Mitlalter", Dr. Noga Rubin.
In artistishn teyl: di zingerin Polina Belilovsky

10 Nov., 11:30, "Agnon oyf Yidish", Dr. Dov Ber Kotlerman.
In artistishn teyl: Rivka Basman Ben-Khayim - forleyenung

24 Nov.,11:30, "Sholem Aleikhem oyf der Yisroeldike Bine", Leybl Roytman.
In artistishnr teyl: Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow un Tsvika Goldberg

8 Dets., 11:30, "Khanuke-frimorgn", Khaya Livni - Yidisher fidl.
Oyftrit fun Mikhal Klepfish Khor baym Arbeter-Ring

22 Dets., 11:30, "Glikl: A Yidishe Froy fun 17-tn Yorhundert",Prof. Khave 
In artistishn teyl: di zingerin Beti Klein

Mir vintshn ale undzere fraynd un khaverim a gezunt un freylekh yor fun 
sholem oyf der velt.

Dear friends,
We begin our 2010-2011 cultural season on Wednesday, September 1st. Our 
institution with its rich Yiddish library is open daily for all lovers of 
Yiddish culture and language. Below is our program of a lecture in
Yiddish followed by a musical interlude:

1 Sept., 11:30,"The Blossoming of the Yiddish Theater", Prof. Avrom 
Artistic program: the singer Vera Loszinski accompanied by the pianist 
Regina Driker

15 Sept., 11:30, We Remember Michael Ben-Avraham Weinapl. With: Mordekhai 
Dunitz, Itzchok Luden, Rakhel Akhonov, Eran Torbiner and others. With film 

29 Sept., 11:30, "Bibilical Heroes in the Dramas of Sholem Asch", Dr. Leah 
Artistic program: Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow

13 Oct., 11:30, Rivka Basman Ben-Chaim - In honor of her new book of 
poetry "Al Meitar Hageshem" "Oyf a Struneh fun Regn", with Prof. Avrom 
Novershtern, Itzchok Luden, and others.
Artistic program:Anna Smolov, piano

27 Oct., 11:30, "Gossip and Spicy Tales from the Muser-books of the Middle 
Ages", Dr. Noga Rubin,
Artistic program: the singer Polina Belilovsky

10 Nov., 11:30, "Agnon in Yiddish", Dr. Dov Ber Kotlerman,
Artistic program:Reading by Rivka Basman Ben-Chaim

24 Nov.,11:30, "Sholem Aleichem on the Israeli Stage", Leybl Roytman,
Artistic Program: Shura Grinhoyz-Turkow and Tsvika Goldberg

8 Dez., 11:30, "Festive Chanukah Celebration", Chaya Livni - with her 
Yiddish fiddle,
Artistic program: the Michael Klepfish Chorus of the Arbeter-Ring

22 Dez., 11:30, "Glikl: A 17th Century Jewish Woman", Prof. Chava 
Turniansky.  Artistic program: the singer Betty Klein

With best wishes to all our friends for a healthy happy New Year of peace,

Bella Bryks-Klein
Arbeter-ring in Yisroel - Brith Haavoda
48 Kalisher Street
Tel aviv Israel

Tel/fax: 972-3-517-6764
E-mail: brtavoda at netvision.net.il
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