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Mon May 31 14:56:16 EDT 2010

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June 31, 2010

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Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 14:48:10 +0400
From: Polonskaya Allina <apolonskaya at yandex.ru>

Hello! I am Alina Polonskaya, translating the manuscripts of Auschwitz 
Sonderkommando from the Ber Mark edition in Yiddish into Russian. I do not 
understand what the commentator (Ber Mark) means by giml' ayen followed by 
the name.

My collegue Sasha Polyan thinks it may be "geklibene eydes" but we are not 
sure. Can you suggest something?

I would very much appreciate your help, write me at polonalina at gmail.com

zayt gezunt,

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