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September 22, 2011

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From: Polonskaya Allina< polonalina at gmail.com>
Subject: Looking for information about Avrom Levite
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 [sic] 12:57:47

Tayere Mendelyaner,

Ikh heys Alina Polonskaya fun Moskve un ikh makh vayter mayn iberzetsung 
fun oyshvitser zonderkomando shriftn (a proyekt fun a historiker Pavel 
Polyan) In Oyshvits (Owicim/Oshpitsin/Aushwitz) iz geven a mentsh Avrom 
Levite (Lewite/Lewitte?), vos hot geshribn a hakdome tsu dem oyshvitser 
zamlbukh. Dos zambbukh hot me nit bavizn ontsushraybn, ober Avrom Levite 
aleyn hot derlebt dem hurbn un di hakdome is aroys in YIVO Bleter 1946, 
ibergezetst af English in David Suchoff. A Yiddish Text from Auschwitz: 
Critical History and the Anthological Imagination //Prooftexts. Volume: 
19. Issue: 1. 1999. pp: 59-68. Ikh veys az siz oykh do a bakante 
iberzetsung af hebreyish. Ober siz dortn nito keyn informatsiye vegn Avrom 
Leviten: zayn mishpokhe, bildung, vu iz itst di hantshrift u.a.v. Mir 
darfn di informatsiye far unzer oysgabe in rusish. Efsher kon emetser unz 
helfn? Mayn adres iz polonalina at gmail.com

Dear Mendelyaner,

My name is Alina Polonskaya, I am one of the translators who are working 
now in Moscow translating the writings of the Zonderkommando of Aushwitz 
from Yiddish into Russian. This is the project of a historian Pavel 
Polyan. We lack information about an author of the foreword of Aushwitz 
Anthology Arom Levite (Lewite/Lewitte?). We know that he survived the 
Holocaust and his text was published in YIVO Bleter in 1946, translated 
into English in David Suchoff. A Yiddish Text from Auschwitz: Critical 
History and the Anthological Imagination. //Prooftexts. Volume: 19. Issue: 
1. 1999. pp: 59-68 and theres also a well-known Hebrew translation which I 
didnt see. But in these publications there is no information about Avrom 
Levite himself: his background, life and where is the manuscript now. We 
would very much appreciate if someone can help us with that. My mail is
polonalina at gmail.com

a dank in foroys, ALine

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