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Tue Apr 24 18:13:15 EDT 2012

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April 24, 2012

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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 17:00:12 +0200
From: Gilles Rozier <gilles at yiddishweb.com>
Subject: New edition of Niborksi's  *Verterbukh fun loshn-koydesh-shtamike 
verter in yidish*


Tayere Mendelyaner,Mir hobn dos groyse fargenign tsu meldn az di naye 
oyflage funem Verterbukh fun loshn-koydesh-shtamike verter in yidish, fun 
Dr Yitskhok               Niborski, iz aroys. Dos verterbukh git 
informatsyes nit nor vegn dem batayt fun di hebreizmen, nor oykh vegn vi 
azoy me redt zey aroys. Di-o oyflage nemt arum
40 protsent mer verter vi di frierdike (aroys in 1997 un 1999), besakhakl 
8900 verter un oysdrukn. Di definitsyes vos zenen shoyn geven in di 
frierdike                   oyflages zenen baraykhert gevorn mit naye 
literarishe tsitatn. Dos verterbukh iz durkhoys oyf yidish (dos aroysredn 
shteyt in fonetishn yidish). Es hobn                  mitgeholfn inem 
tsugreytn di naye oyflage Dr Natalia Krynicka, Prof. Simon Neuberg un 
Eliezer Niborski. Dos verterbukh nemt arum 512 zaytn un kost 30 eyros.
Tsu bashteln : bikher at yiddishweb.com

Dear Mendelyaner,

We are happy to announce the publication of the new edition of the 
Dictionary of Words of Hebrew and Aramaic Origin Used in Yiddish, by Dr. 
Yitkhok Niborski.
This dictionary gives the user not only the meaning but  also the 
pronunciation of most of the words and expressions of Hebrew origin in use 
in the Yiddish               language. In comparison with the two previous 
editions (1997 and 1999), this one contains 40% more entries, for a total 
of 8900 words and expressions. The                existing definitions 
have also been expanded to include additional quotations from literature. 
Like the previous editions, this work is entirely in Yiddish, 
with the pronunciation given phonetically in Yiddish. Assisting Dr. 
Niborski for the redaction of this volume were Dr. Natalia Krynicka, Prof. 
Simon Neuberg              and Eliezer Niborski. The books consists of 512 
pages and costs 30 euros.

To order:  bikher at yiddishweb.com

Gilles Rozier
Maison de la culture yiddish-Bibliothque Medem
29, rue du Chteau-d'eau
75010 Paris
Tel. : 01 47 00 14 00
Fax : 01 47 00 14 47


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