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Victor Bers victor.bers at yale.edu
Wed Jun 6 10:16:34 EDT 2012

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June 6, 2012

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From: murphy.ruth at rocketmail.com
Date: May 30, 2012
Subject: Identifying a song

Tayere Leyeners,

I was wonder if anyone recognizes the expression "ruf mikh nar un gib
mir lekakh" as a song, probably from right around the turn of the
century? Do you know which one? I looked on the internet but didn't
find anything.

The line is from the play Mirele Efros, written about 1898. Here is
the text it appears in:

Hannah Devoire:  Afilu in der linker peyah ligt es mir nisht. Vi zogt
men: ruf mikh nar un gib mir lekakh . . . Ikh vil zen beser di
kallah-matones. Ir hot tzugezogt dimentene oyeringlekh, mit a brosh,
mit a bronzshelet, nomikh akorsht zen . . . ir meynt nisht, az ir vet
opkumen mit shieh-pieh.

I'd appreciate any suggestions!

Also, I've seen various translations for "lekakh" (cinnamon cake,
honey cake). Any thoughts on this word?

A sheynm dank,

rus (Ruth Murphy)

murphy.ruth at rocketmail.com


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