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Mendele Personal Notices and Announcements

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From: Goldreich institute for Yiddish yiddish1 at tauex.tau.ac.il
Date: Nov. 22, 2012

Yiddish will be followed by English

Di Nomi Prawer Kadar internatsyonale zumer-program far yidish baym
tel-aviver universitet vet forkumen tsvishn dem 16tn yuni bizn 11tn
yuli 2013. In di fryerdike yorn hot di zumer-program far yidish
tsugetsoygn tsvishn hundert un hundert tsvantsik studentn, un zi iz
gevorn di farnemikste yidish-program iber der velt. Oykh dos yor vet
di zumer-program  onbotn finf madreyges inem yidish-limed, fun di
onheybers biz di same avansirte studentn. Di bateylikte in der program
veln bakumen 80 sho fun shprakh- un literatur-limed (4  akademishe
kreditn), mit gor derfarene lerers.

Oyser di frimorgn-limudim vet di program forleygn  farshidene
aktivitetn nokh mitog: a kurs af english vegn der antviklung fun der
moderner yidisher literatur,  shmues-varshtatn, turn, kinstlerishe
ovntn un farbrengen bekhevruse.

Der tel-aviver universitet, vos gefint zikh gor noent say fun tsenter
shtot un say fun breg yam, is der grester universitet in Yisroel, mit
bataytike resursn in yidishe limudim, arayngerekhnt di
Margulies-kolektsye fun yidishe bikher un dem "Beit hatefutsot".
Studentn kenen oykh hanoe hobn fun di farshidene atraktsyes vos Tel
Aviv leygt for: muzeyen, kafeen, zumer-festivaln un  muzik-klubn  in
ot der dinamisher shtot vos  "iz shtendik vakh".

Di kostn fun der program: $1450 skhar-limed;  $ 60 registratsye; $600
far voynung (in tsimern far tsvey studentn).

A dank der breyt-farnemiker shtitse fun der Naomi-fundatsye vet di
program kenen onbotn a bataytike tsol fun mamoshesdike stipendyes far

In dem englishn tekst kent ir gefinen di datn vu zikh tsu vendn.

Kedey tsu gefinen mer informatsye vegn der program geyt arayn in:

Mir hofn aykh tsu zen dem zumer in Tel Aviv!

Akademishe direktorn:

Prof. Khana Wirth Nesher

Prof. Avrom Novershtern

AVIV UNIVERSITY will take place from June 16 to July 11, 2013. In
previous years, the summer program hosted between 100 and 120 students
from more than fifteen countries, making it the largest  Yiddish
summer program in the world. The program will once again offer
intensive Yiddish instruction at five levels, from beginners to
advanced. As students of TAU International, the Tel Aviv University
School for Overseas Students whose credentials are recognized by
universities world-wide, participants will receive 80 hours of
language and literature instruction (four credits) with highly
qualified and experienced teachers in small classes.

Language instruction will be supplemented by an afternoon program of
lectures, conversation workshops, tours, and by evening cultural and
social events.

Located minutes away from both the center of Tel Aviv and its beaches,
TAU is the largest university in Israel, with significant resources in
Jewish Studies, among them the Diaspora Museum and the Margulies
Yiddish Book Collection. Students can enjoy Tel Aviv's diverse
attractions: museums, cafes, Bauhaus architecture, the beach and the
promenade, the old harbor, summer festivals, and clubs in this
Mediterranean city "that never sleeps."

The costs of the program are:

·         $ 1450 tuition

·         $ 60 registration fee

·         $ 600 for housing (double occupancy).

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Naomi Foundation,
substantial scholarships are available for full time students.

For more information please see www.naomiyiddish.tau.ac.il

Please register online at: www.international.tau.ac.il

Closing Date for Applications: April 15, 2013.

For additional information, please contact:

North America: Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer
Program/Tel Aviv University/Office of Academic Affairs/39 Broadway,
Suite 1510/

New York, NY 10006/Tel: 1-800-665-9829

naomiyiddish at post.tau.ac.il

Outside North America:

Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program/Tel Aviv
University/Rosenberg Building, Suite 101d/Ramat Aviv 69978/

Tel: +972-3-6407805/Fax: +972-3-6407732

naomiyiddish at post.tau.ac.il

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer in Tel Aviv!

Academic Program Directors:

Prof. Hana Wirth-Nesher
Director, Goldreich Family Institute for Yiddish Language, Literature,
and Culture at Tel Aviv University

The Samuel L. and Perry Haber Chair on the Study of the Jewish
Experience in the United States

Professor of English and American Studies, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Avraham Novershtern
Director, Beth Shalom Aleichem

Professor of Yiddish at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem


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