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Mendele: Yiddish literature and language

Contents of Vol. 22.014
April 25, 2013

1) video of Hadassah Kestin reciting "In varshaver geto iz itst
khoydesh nisn" (Joyce
2) Lyrics Sought of "original" version of "Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym"
(Perele Shifer)
3) Backgammon (Perets Mett)
4) treasury of Jewish, including Yiddish, films (Leonard Fox)
5) Ahava Raba (Tom Putnam)
6) On Line Translation of (Most of) Hillel Zeitlin's Book on R.
Nachman of Breslov
(Yaacov David Shulman)
7) Dr. K-EL (Zachary Baker)

Date: March 28
Subject: video of Hadassah Kestin reciting "In varshaver geto iz itst
khoydesh nisn"


As we experience these weeks between Pesakh and the Memorial of the
Warsaw Ghetto
Uprising, there couldn't be a better way to experience both their
meaning and their
message than watching this video of Hadassah Kestin performing, in Los
Angeles 1990,
her husband Binem Heller's famous poem:

"In Varshaver geto iz itst khoydesh nisn" af yidish  (Pesakh has come
to the Warsaw


The Los Angeles Yiddish Culture Club on YouTube is still in it's
infancy, but thanks to
Henry Slucki videotaping this performance of Hadassah while on her
one-woman tour,
we have an amazing document of a performance that is literally jumping out of my

I can't wait to do any fine-tuning to make this announcement.

Electrifying. Painful. Uplifting. Brutal.

There are no words.

Hadassah Kestin, lost to us in her prime, was a graduate of both the
Yiddish Theatre in
Warsaw and the Ohel Theatre in Tel Aviv. She spent over 20 years
performing her one-
woman shows to the delight of audiences in North America, Europe, Israel, and

"(she had) the remarkable ability to paint a picture and bring it to
life through her
dramatic interpretation of Yiddish prose and poetry...."

You will never hear a more authentic, poignant interpretation of this
brutal poem.

We have 5 full performances of Hadassah in Los Angeles, as well as 150 precious
meetings of the "Los Angeles Yiddish Culture Club" shot by the
dedicated videographer
Miki Safadi, which I have digitized and am preparing to make available
online, and from
which we will post as many as possible as soon as possible.
This is an incredible treasure.
Please show your support and interest by visiting our YouTube page:


to see this and 13 other videos from the collection.....AF YIDISH!!!!!!!!

I promise more to come! Subscribe and you will be notified of new
uploads, and your
comments are more than welcome!

And "like" us on our Facebook page:


For those of us who miss the Culture Club, this is...a visit with
long-lost friends.
For those of you who never had the chance to see this cultural
phenomenon, it's...an
amazing gift.
For those of you who got this email by mistake, this is...junk mail. I
apologize. Delete.

But for everyone who loves Yiddish, this is an important video, share
it with your

a sheynem dank!

Joyce Tamara

Date: April 23
Subject: Lyrics Sought of "original" version of "Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym"

I would like the lyrics please, not the comic version. Thanks so much

Perele Shifer

Date: April 5
Subject: Backgammon

How does one say "Backgammon" in Yiddish?

Perets Mett

Date: April 15
Subject: treasury of Jewish, including Yiddish, films

Mendelyaner who know Russian may like to explore the very lengthy list
of films and
film clips on Jewish subjects, many of Yiddish interest, and all
available to watch at the
following site:


Leonard Fox

Date: March 29
Subject: Ahava Raba recording

I am trying to find a recording of a cantor singing the Ahava Raba
prayer using the scale
that klezmer musicians call freygish: C, D-flat, E, F, G, A-flat, B-flat, C.

Thank you.
Tom Putnam

Date: April 9
Subject: On Line Translation of (Most of) Hillel Zeitlin's Book on R. Nachman of


I am pleased to announce an on-line translation from Yiddish to
English of 2/3 of Hillel
Zeitlin's book on Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.  You may find it at
http://www.shulman-writer.com/rabbi-nachman--hillel-zeitlin.html .
(The original is at http://archive.org/details/nybc200230 ).

As you may know, Hillel Zeitlin was a famed journalist and baal
teshuvah in Warsaw,
Poland, before World War II (he was murdered in the war).

I made this translation a few years ago. Reading about Paulist Press's
issuing of an
anthology of the writings of Hillel Zeitlin gave me the impetus to
make my translation
freely available.

If you know of any publisher who would like to put this book out in
paper or of any
backer who would like to help sponsor my completion of this work,
kindly let me know.

Yaacov David Shulman

Date: March 29
Subject: Dr. K-EL

Responding to Eli Rosenblatt's query concerning the identity of one D. K-EL:

According to Otsar biduye ha-shem [Pseudonymen-Lexikon der hebräischen und
jiddischen Literatur], by Saul Chajes (Vienna, 1933), this is the
Yiddish author Dovid
Kasel [cited in some library catalogs as Kassel, David, 1881-1935].

Zachary M. Baker
End of Mendele Vol. 22.014

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