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April 30, 2013

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 From: Jeff Warschauer warschauer at aol.com via mx.aol.com
 Date: Feb 19

The Strauss/Warschauer Duo (Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer) will be
spending part of the summer in Europe and part in North America.

Plus! We are celebrating 18 (chai!) years as a duo and we have a brand new
CD: "Once I Had a Fiddle."

We still have some open dates in June, July and August on both continents,
and we are available for concerts, workshops, lectures and other programs.

For synagogues, chavurot and retreats, the Duo leads lively, participatory
services. In addition we can read any Torah and/or Haftarah portion.

The Duo offers concerts of klezmer music and Yiddish song. We also lead
hands-on workshops and lecture-demonstrations for all ages and backgrounds

·    Klezmer Music (all levels, all instruments)
·    Yiddish Song
·    Yiddish Dance (instruction and dance party w/live music)
·    Klezmer for Kids
·    Yiddish Shabbaton
·    Jewish Cantorial Music
·    Nigunim and Zemiros
·    Klezmer Fidl-Kapelye
·    Plucked String Orchestra

For more information, please contact Jeff and Deborah at warschauer at aol.com

Also, please check out their website: www.klezmerduo.com

For over 25 years, Deborah Strauss (violin, accordion, vocals, dance) and
Jeff Warschauer (guitar, mandolin, vocals) have been at the forefront of
the international klezmer and Yiddish music scene.
They were both long-time members of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, one of
the premiere groups of the klezmer revival, and have performed with
legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman on film and in concert.

As the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, they have performed to overwhelming acclaim
in such diverse venues as the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Great Britain's
Fiddles on Fire, the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, Poland,
and the Art of Yiddish in Los Angeles with actor and singer Theodore Bikel.

Deborah and Jeff are Yiddish speakers, and have researched and collected
Yiddish and Hebrew songs and instrumental melodies since the 1980s. They
lead some of the most popular klezmer music,
Yiddish song and traditional dance workshops throughout North America, and
Eastern and Western Europe.

Jeff is Founding Artistic Director and Senior Artistic Advisor of the
KlezKanada Institute for Yiddish/Jewish Culture and the Arts, is on the
faculty of Columbia University in New York,
and is a graduate student in cantorial music and Modern Jewish studies at
the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Deborah, an award-winning educator, has been Arts and Programming Director
of two New York Yiddish afternoon schools for children. She studied violin
at Rutgers University and ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago.

Both teach regularly at KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program, Yiddish
Summer Weimar, and the Warsaw International Summer Seminar in Yiddish
Language and Culture.

The New York Times

Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland


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