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Contents of Vol. 23.006 July 19, 2013

1)  full text of Peretz's "Di goldene keyt" (Mike Koplow)

2)  Avrom Karpinovitch's Vilna stories (Nora Gold)

3)  Vi halt men shoyn bay zey? (Zulema Seligsohn)

4)  IB Singer’s Nobel Prize Speech (Joshua Cappell)

5)  Yidish-Vokh Scholarships (Jordan Kutzik)

6)  mogizm (Gloria Donen Sosin)


Date: June 30

Subject: full text of Peretz's "Di goldene keyt"

Dear Mendele,

Giovanna Tomassucci is looking for the full text of Peretz's ‚Di goldene keyt.

You can download a pdf of it from http://archive.org/details/nybc202737.

Zayt gezunt,

Mike Koplow


Date: June 21

Subject: Avrom Karpinovitch's Vilna stories

Regarding Avrom Karpinovitch's Vilna stories, one of them, The Red
Flag,was translated recently into English by Helen Chava Mintz and
published in Jewish Fiction.net. It can be read online at

Nora Gold


Date: July 19

Subject: Vi halt men shoyn bay zey?

In response to Stanley F. Levine's further question about this line,
one could interpret ‚haltn in many ways and the way Mr. Levine
understands it might use vus halt zikh bay zey‚ or something like
that, but the whole expression ‚Vi halt men shoyn‚ means just one
thing: I wish the day were here already (shoyn) or in other words,
‚Oh, that the day were already here for them (the younger daughters).I
hope this is clear, but I would be happy to parse it further, though I
don't know if it will become clearer.

Zulema Seligsohn


Date: June 20

Subject: IB Singer’s Nobel Prize speech

der gantser tekst say in yidish say in goyish fun zingers nobel-rede
iz eingeshlosn in der tsveyshprakhike ausgabe gedrukt fun farlag Farar
Strauss. me ken es koyfn oyf  www.abebooks.com far $3.50

The original text of Singer's Nobel Speech in Yiddish (as well as
English) is included in the bilingual edition published by Farrar,
Strauss and can be purchased at www.abebooks.com for $3.50.

Joshua Cappell


Date: July 4 Subject: Yidish-Vokh Scholarships

Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish is offering scholarships for students and
young Yiddish speakers from Eastern Europe, Latin America and North
America to attend Yidish Vokh, our annual all-Yiddish retreat.
Yidish-Vokh will take place from August 13th-19th at the Pearlstone
Retreat Center in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Information about the scholarships can be found in English here

http://yugntruf.org/yiddish-vokh/scholarships/?lang3Den and in Yiddish
here: http://yugntruf.org/yvokh/stipendyes/. The application deadline
is July 15th. 20

About Yidish Vokh: Yidish Vokh is the only annual week-long
Yiddish-language retreat. Every August for over thirty years, up to
180 Yiddish speakers from all backgrounds come together to create a
community in the truest sense of the word. A diverse program of
discussions and activities from tango to politics to baseball is led
by Yidish Vokh’s talented and knowledgeable group of activists,
scholars, and artists. We are also proud to provide  our many new and
young families with a robust children’s program, organized and
available every day for kids of all ages.

As an initiative of Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish, we invite the
participation of the young as well as the young at heart; of students,
families, couples, singles, professionals, and seniors. For more
information please see: http://yugntruf.org/yiddish-vokh/?lang3Den20

This year we are happy to be able to offer discounts to those who
attend both Yidish-Vokh and Klezkanada.  Contact us at
yvokh at yugntruf.org for more information.

Please direct any additional comments or inquiries to yvokh at yugntruf.org

Jordan Kutzik


Date: July 4

Subject: mogizm

Tayere khaveyrim, Ver veyst? vos meynt dos vort MOGIZM?   I have
translated the memoirs of David Shub ‚Fun amolike yorn‚ a two volume
1000 page opus published in 1970 by CYCO. In an early Chapter he
discusses a lecture series by Dr. Chaim Zhitlovski in 1904 in Russian
[as a student at the Workmens Circle Mitl shul in the 30's I had the
privilege to hear Chaim Zhitlovski and indeed he was one of the
greatest orators I have ever heard. He was an old man by then but I
can still see him, standing straight, a beautiful white beard,
sparkling eyes and his Yiddish diction so gorgeous.]

He was the most brilliant lecturer I ever heard wrote Shub.

The series was entitled 'Materializm and Synthetic Mogizm' sic] series
of ten lectures in Russian by Dr. Chaim Zhitlovski on the theme:
Materialism and Synthetic Mogizm.‚ Although very few understood the
meaning of the words synthetic mogizm, nevertheless these lectures
which took place in the large Clinton Hall were very well attended.

Shub never explains further.

a freylikhn July 4th Mit wareme grusn

Yours, Gloria Donen Sosin

[Moderator’s note: The term in question is possibly monism.]


End of Mendele Vol. 23.006

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