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From: Larry Rosenwald <lrosenwa at wellesley.edu>
Date: 11/25/12 [sic: apologies if this has already appeared; much
louder apologies if it has not]

Tayere khaveyrim,

A while back I wrote an essay on some poems about Sacco and Vanzetti,
among them some Yiddish poems;   I'd hoped in that essay to get around
to talking about Glatshteyn's poem on the two men, sako un vantsetis
montik, but in the end couldn't make that work.  Now I'm preparing to
write about the Glatshteyn poem in an essay devoted to it, and am very
much looking forward to it.  In connection with that undertaking, I
thought I'd ask this wonderfully learned community a question or two:
1) Anyone know of interesting scholarly or critical accounts of the
poem?  and 2) Might any mendelyaners themselves have views about the

Thanks in advance, a hartsikn dank,
Larry Rosenwald


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