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June 27, 2014

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 From: Jerold C. Frakes <jcfrakes at buffalo.edu>

Date: June 26, 2014

 *Now Available*

*Early Yiddish Epic
Edited and Translated by Jerold C. Frakes


   - "A major contribution to the study of Old Yiddish literature, Jewish
   culture in Ashkenazi society and many other fields of research. This book
   undoubtedly has the potential to become the reference book to Early Yiddish
   epic and the classic anthology for further research and study."—Jean
   Baumgarten, author of Introduction to Old Yiddish Literature
   - Unlike most other ancient European, Near Eastern, and Mediterranean
   civilizations, Jewish culture surprisingly developed no early epic
   tradition: while the Bible comprises a broad range of literary genres, epic
   is not among them. Not until the late medieval period, beginning in the
   fourteenth century, did an extensive and thriving epic tradition emerge in
   Yiddish. Among the few dozen extant early epics, there are several
   masterpieces, of which ten are translated into English in this volume.
   Divided between the religious and the secular, the book includes eight
   epics presented in their entirety, an illustrative excerpt from another
   epic, and a brief heroic prose tale.
   - These texts have been chosen as the best and the most interesting
   representatives of the genre in terms of cultural history and literary
   quality: the pious "epicizing" of biblical narrative, the swashbuckling
   medieval courtly epic, Arthurian romance, heroic vignettes, intellectual
   high art, and popular camp
   - *Jerold C. Frakes* is SUNY Distinguished Professor at the University
   at Buffalo, State University of New York. He is the author of *The
   Politics of Interpretation: Alterity and Ideology in Old Yiddish Studies*
   and editor of *Early Yiddish Texts, 1100–1750* and *The Cultural Study
   of Yiddish in Early Modern Europe*.


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