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Contents of Vol. 23.017

March 3, 2014

1) the 12th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and

Culture in Warsaw (Anna Szyba)

2) Source of Yiddish poem "Oysn shtetl, nebn weldl" (Peter Belenky)

3) Seeking Yiddish Teacher for Washington University, St. Louis (Arielle

4) strikverter (Roberta Books)

5) tekse (Zulema Seligsohn)


Date: February 20

Subject: the 12th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and

Culture in Warsaw

The Shalom Foundation and the Centre for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw proudly

announces the 12th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and

Culture, 30 June-18 July 2014.


With best wishes from Warsaw,

Anna Szyba


Date: February 26

Subject: Source of Yiddish poem "Oysn shtetl, nebn weldl"

My mother used to recite the following poem (roughly transliterated).  Does

anyone know the author and source?

Oysn shtetl, nebn weldl, in a pustn tol,

Vu di shvartse kroyen krekhtsn mit a heyzerikn kol,

Dort iz do a zump, a tife, un say fri, say shpet,

Kvakn, krekhtsn dort di zhabes vi mit a gebet.

Un m'zogt di kleyne kinder vern dort gebrakht

Vos der Ashmoday, der shvartser, ganvet tsu banakht,

Un zey vern bald megulgl un tsu zhabes glaykh,

Un zey kvakn un zey krekhtsn funem tifn taykh.

A dank,

Peter Belenky


Date: February 8

Subject: Seeking Yiddish Teacher for Washington University, St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is seeking a Yiddish teacher with an
advanced degree

and/or prior college-level teaching experience in Yiddish.  The class would
be taught as

part of the University College, so the class would be an evening course
(likely once a

week for 2.5 hours).  It would be open to both WashU students and community

Contact Arielle Ross at Arielle.ross at wustl.edu for more information.


Date: February 24

Subject: shtrikverter

Can someone help me with authentic Yiddish vocabulary for knitting terms?  Or

Russians use Russian terminology, Germans used German vocabulary, and so
forth? Yes,

I know the words for knit and purl.  Increase and decrease and some other
terms are

probably obvious enough.  But there must have been words for ribbing, for

Maybe it is "rips," maybe it is "ripn," or maybe something else entirely.  Does

know?  Continuing in this vein, there must have been a word for a popcorn,
for a bobble,

for a cable stitch (along with terms used for a cable, including front and
rear crosses), for

a drop stitch, for cast on, for a slip stitch, and for the various decrease
and increase

methods; in other words, serious knitters must have had a specialized
vocabulary for

knitting.  I've asked many native Yiddish speakers, but most of those to
whom I have

access were crocheters, not knitters.  I've asked at trimmings stores in
Monsey, but ultra

Orthodox communities in the US seem to have adopted American vocabulary for

handwork.  To date, knitters I've met with fluent Yiddish had never thought
about doing

their knitting in Yiddish.

Roberta Books


Date: February 2

Subject: tekse

Michael Sweet asks about a word "tekse" but in spelling it he adds an ayin
after the koph.

Teke (pl.s) is a portfolio or briefcase. Could the old friends possibly be
referring to his

new high status in which he carries such a case habitually?

I am only guessing.

Zulema Seligsohn


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