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Greenspun, Cindy cindy.greenspun at yale.edu
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Hi -

I am on the Voyager-L listserv and usually find some of the queries, suggestions or work-around ideas helpful.  Thought that maybe some of you would like to sign up for the listserv to do the same.  The only thing is, I signed up for this listserv ages ago and don't remember how one should get onto the listserv... !  I'm hoping that someone who does remember and can reply to let us know.  :)


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Subject: [VOYAGER-L] self-check and blocked patron

We are installing 3M kiosks and RFID technology throughout our libraries.
Our first problem was that Voyager didn't enable payment; I have used a very much cut-down version of Alan Manifold's old wedge script to intervene in the SIP2 message, and payment now works in our test units.

As with any new equipment, we are finding some things that don't work to our liking.
A patron is offered two initial options: one offers "Borrow items / Account info / Renew items / Pay fines and fees"; the other simply "Return items".

If I borrow the maximum number of items for my patron group, I am then blocked. Any attempt to get into my account in order to see what I've got on loan, or renew a loan, is refused (as if I'd done something wrong). This is not the functionality I expect, or that I find in Voyager OPAC.
Nevertheless Ex Libris tell me that self-check is working "as designed".

It would be possible to use our script to intervene again: look up the patron, determine if they should be blocked and remove the block flag in SIP2, but this runs the risk of subverting real blocks.

Has anyone found a resolution for this?

Thank you,
John Humphreys
Library Systems Manager
Department of Information Services
University of the Arts London
(020 7514 6585)

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