[Tshwanelex-l] 2 tlCorpus feature requests

David Joffe david.joffe at tshwanedje.com
Sun Feb 9 08:42:36 EST 2014

Hi Michael,

On 5 Feb 2014 at 23:45, Michael Beijer wrote:
> Hi David,
> Two feature requests: 
> 1. Could you guys increase the size of the search box in tlCorpus? It's tiny? Maybe make 
> it resizable?

Is it mainly the horizontal left/right size bothering you? Or do you 
also have a problem such as the text inside the search box being 
'clipped' at top or bottom (e.g. search box not tall enough for font 
or something like that).

> 2. And maybe also add little close buttons to the tabs?

I'm just having a look at the code to guage how easy/difficult it 
might be to do this. (Note currently you can use Ctrl+W to close the 
currently selected tab, not sure if that might help some, though 
obviously it's not the same.)

 - David

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