[Wgcp-whc] WG/Poetics--Dickinson essays

richard.deming at yale.edu richard.deming at yale.edu
Wed Feb 2 19:26:58 EST 2005

Dear all,

Just a note to say that three essays in support of the upcoming 
discussion of Emily Dickinson's poetry are now available at the Whitney 
Humanities Center.  They include two essays by Susan Howe and one by 
Adrienne Rich.  These are usfel supplemnets and people should only read 
as interest and time avails.  The books we ordered haven't arrived yet, 
but will shortly.  Of course, there is no shortage of Dickinson texts 
on line.

We need to come up with a list of poems.  I can post the first lines of 
the poems that are discussed in the various critical discussions we are 
including as supplemnets.  If there are other Dickinson poems that 
people know that would like to have discussed, please e-mail me 
directly and I'll put the suggestions into one e-mail to send around.

By the way, there is still one unclaimed copy of the Whitman we ordered 
last summer--it waits in the box for the first to grab it.

One last item: the Working Group in Poetics has a small library in Rm 
116.  As it turns out, the library is shrinking.  If anyone has 
borrowed either or both of the volumes of Poems for the Millenium (ed. 
by Joris and Rothenberg) just let me know.   Thanks.

Richard Deming, group secretary

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