[Wgcp-whc] WG/Poetics--Dickinson poems for Fri.

richard.deming at yale.edu richard.deming at yale.edu
Mon Feb 7 14:47:56 EST 2005

Dear group,

A reminder that we are meeting this Fri at 1.45 in rm 116 at the 
Whitney Humanities Center to discuss the poems of Emily Dickinson, and 
certain critical texts that engage the poet's work.  These essays are 
available at the office at the Whitney Humanities Center.

The copies of Final harvest, the Dickinson selected poems, still 
haven't arrived (Amazon is taking its sweet time, evidently).  In any 
event, the essays selcted to supplement the discussion for the post 
part cite various Dickinson poems in their entirity.  Thus, it might 
be best if we focus discussion and preparation on some of these.  The 
first lines are: "My Life had stood a loaded gun"; "This consciousness 
that is aware"; "publication is the Auction"; and "this world is not 
concluison."  There are others but tese are some of the key ones 
discussed in the essays by Howe, Rich, and Perloff. Any others are 
possible as well but this gives a sense of common  texts.  As soon as 
the books themselves arrive, I'll send word.

Richard Deming, group secretary.

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