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richard.deming at yale.edu richard.deming at yale.edu
Mon Oct 17 21:44:37 EDT 2005

Dear All,

In the spirit of the working group's emphasis on works-in-progress and projects
of its members, I pass on the following query from Ravi Shankar.  Please
respond to him directly  at shankarr at ccsu.edu

Your humble narrator,
Richard Deming

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 Subject: Quick query
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Richard -  Was actually wondering if you might pass on the following
query to the Poetics group. The normal reviewer dropped out and so I've been
asked to interview Jean Valentine for the Review Revue at the last minute. I
wonder if folks might have any topics they'd like me to broach with her.
Figure it's a good chance for the Poetics group for both dialogue and
exposure, and of course it will be very useful for me in preparing for and
contemplating the trajectory of our conversation. Thanks in advance.



Ravi Shankar
Assistant Professor
CCSU - English Dept.
shankarr at ccsu.edu

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