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 The event will finally take place in LC
103 at 6pm.

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce that Norman Holland, Marston-Milbauer Eminent Scholar
in English at the University of Florida, and one of the "founding fathers" of
the psychological and cognitive study of the arts, will join us for our next
"Literary Theory and Cognition" session on Wednesday Oct. 19th. We'll meet in
the Linsly-Chittenden Hall  Room 103 at 6pm.

We asked Professor Holland to give us a small introduction about his trajectory
as a cognitive theory scholar. His brief talk will be followed by a discussion
on his work. The following articles (available online at the PSYART journal)
were proposed as food for discussion.

"The Willing Suspension of Disbelief: A Neuro-Psychoanalytic view"

"The Neurosciences and the Arts"

Please feel free to join us if the session if of interest to you.

For more information on the Cognitive Sciences, Language, Literature and the
Arts visit http://www.cognitivecircle.org

Julien Simon and Isabel Jaén

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