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Richard Deming richard.deming at yale.edu
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Dear Poeticians,

We have just two more sessions left for the semester: April 24 and  
May 1. In this note I will give details about the next session and  
then pass o information about two events.

On April 24th, we will be joined by Professor Steve Evans of UMaine,  
Orono. Evans will be talking about  "The Poetics of Phonotextuality"-- 
or the sound(s) of sounding poetry.  Evans will offer "a systematic  
introduction to an exciting new development in the field of poetics  
(and literary studies more generally), the emergence of  
'phonotextual' studies concerned with the analysis and interpretation  
of poems not just as printed texts but as voiced structures whose  
meaning can be 'sounded' as well as seen."

Evans is at the forefront of this field as the links below will  
attest.  This a session not to be missed

Evans has sent a list of audio links that will set up this  
conversation.  It is very important that people listen to the first  
one as that will take the place of any formal talk or paper.  It only  
takes about 50 minutes to listen to.  That way, when he joins us,  
everyone will have a sense of the topic.

A bio of Evans is here: http://www.thirdfactory.net/evans.html

>>> Discussion with Al Filreis (approx. 50 minutes)
>>> http://www.writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/Evans.php
>>> Lipstick of Noise - linking & listening to poetry audio files
>>> http://www.thirdfactory.net/lipstick.html
>>> Writers House Podcast (approx. 18 minutes)
>>> http://media.sas.upenn.edu/pennsound/podcasts/PennSound- 
>>> Podcast_05_Evans.mp3
>>> Robert Kelly on Paul Blackburn's tape recording
>>> http://media.sas.upenn.edu/pennsound/authors/Kelly/Kelly- 
>>> Robert_Remembering-Blackburn_The-Lipstick-of-Noise_4-07.mp3
>>> The Poetics of Phonotextuality (graduate level seminar, spring 2009)
>>> http://phonotextuality.wordpress.com/
>>> Poetry in the Age of the MP3 (graduate level seminar, August 2007)
>>> http://eng529listen.wordpress.com/
>>> Poetry in the Age of the MP3 (undergraduate seminar, fall 2008)
>>> http://eng429listen.wordpress.com/

This meeting will be 3-5 on Friday the 24th.  We will be meeting in  
the Beinecke again  so that Evans can play audiofiles and so forth.   
Be sure to spread the word to anyone who might be interested.



And two upcoming campus events run by WGCP core members:

Our very own Josh Stanley writes:
Dear all,

The first issue of Hot Gun! is now out. It includes POEMS by

Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde, Ryan Dobran, Luke Roberts, Justin
Katko+Jow Lindsay, and Marianne Morris

+ the following PIECES:

Trying to Look Correctly at the “Subjects” of Andrea Brady’s ‘Saw Fit’
– Amica Dall

‘[D]oubts, Complications and Distractions’: Rethinking the Role of
Women in Language Poetry – Emily Critchley

Guy Debord’s _Hurlements En Faveur De Sade_ [Headnote, Translation and
Footnotes] – Justin Katko

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries : Presentation review – Kate Riley

Keston Sutherland: _Hot White Andy_ – J.H. Prynne

Lyric Purity in Keston Sutherland’s _Hot White Andy_ – Neil Pattison

It is 96 pages for the desperate day+night. Please email
hotgunjournal at gmail.com with questions + please read Hot Gun! with and
without with questions. Dear tremors in the present part juicer, what
else can we now do.

All this for 7 dollars plus postage: 2 dollars for the USA and 6
dollars for the UK and the rest of the world. I will have a website
setup in the next couple of days where you will be able to buy it
through paypal, but otherwise, please send a cheque (payable to Josh
Stanley) and your address to:

Hot Gun!
c/o Josh Stanley
40 Lynwood Place,
New Haven, CT
06511, USA

We will have a launch in New Haven Friday night (17th) in the Dive at  
Davenport College, at 8pm, where Justin Katko and Ryan Dobran will be  


Our very own Caitie Barrett writes:

Bennett Lovett-Graff, the editor of the New Haven Review, and I have  
been organizing a reading of local New Haven writers (who work in a  
variety of genres, both poetry and prose) to be held on campus at the  
McDougal Center on the 27th at 6 pm. We were wondering if anyone on  
the WGCP-list would be interested in reading as well. Would you mind  
forwarding this note to the list? Anyone who's interested can just  
send me an email.  To: "'Caitlín Barrett'" <caitlin.barrett at yale.edu>

  The roster includes:
Mark Oppenheimer (www.markoppenheimer.com)  Yale coordinator and  
instructor, editor New Haven Review, and Westville resident
Brian Slattery (www.bfslattery.com) SF writer, editor New Haven  
Review, and Hamden resident
Alison Moncrief (http://mailman.yale.edu/pipermail/yale-readings/2007- 
September/000467.html) poet and Foote School instructor
Pang-Mei Natasha Chang (http://www.salon.com/sneaks/ 
sneakpeeks960918.html) memoirist, New Haven Review board, and New  
Haven resident
Dan Casey (http://gentlyread.wordpress.com/), New Haven resident,  
poet and blogger
Bennett Lovett-Graff, publisher New Haven Review, Westville resident


That's all for now.

Richard Deming
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