[YCB clarinets] French onion soup, French onion dip

Anthony Hsu erwaman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 07:39:51 EST 2012


    "The modern version of this soup originates in France in the 18th


    "French onion soup...where the onions are caramelized...and beef
    broth is added...It originated in France in the 1700s which is why
    it is referred to "French" onion soup..

    The dip is made with essentially the same ingredients ,caramelized
    onions,powdered beef base stirred into sour cream."

    (The powdered beef base stirred into sour cream sounds dubious.)


    "French onion dip (also called "California dip"), a combination of
    sour cream, minced onions and onion salt."

Thanks for coming out to the sectional yesterday.  Don't forget to bring 
your clarinet and music home over break to practice!  And call me maybe 
over break.  Here's my number: 862.222.4346.
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