[EAS]Votes for Sale

pjk peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Tue Oct 17 14:02:10 EDT 2000

Subject:   Votes for Sale

Dear Colleagues -

My "Site for Thieves" mailing about burglar.com shocked some of
my readers. What is next, they asked. Another of my colleagues
provides a timely answer 


about a site where you can sell your vote. He comments

> Apparently it has been getting a lot of attention in Chicago which
> was already in the midst of an absentee ballot scandal.  Here in
> Oregon where we have just converted ALL elections to vote-by-mail,
> virtually every ballot is available.  This site shows nearly 400
> ballots currently for sale in Oregon.  This isn't a huge number,
> but we have a US congresswoman in the Portland area who won with a
> smaller margin than this two years ago.  To date there has been no
> significant evidence of fraud in our voting, but it doesn't seem
> like it would take too much effort to convince useful numbers of
> disinterested voters to sell their signed but unmarked ballots.

Modern information technology is like a fluid that seeps into the
interstices of our social structures, sometimes as a welcome
lubricant, sometimes as a corrosive solvent.


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