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Subject:   E-Publishing

(from CIT Infobits -- December 2000)


Aldrin E. Sweeney, assistant professor of science education at the
University of Central Florida, surveyed faculty and administrators
and found they are still on the fence about e-journals. Some of the
questions Sweeney's survey asked included: Is the peer-review
process as thorough in electronic journals as with paper? Does
electronic publishing undermine the integrity of academic rigor?
Should electronically-published articles be counted in the tenure
and promotion process?

The respondents' comments and the survey findings are summarized in
"Should You Publish in Electronic Journals?" (THE JOURNAL OF
ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING, vol. 6, issue 2, December 2000). The article
is online at http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/06-02/sweeney.html

The Journal of Electronic Publishing [ISSN 1080-2711] is published
free of charge on the Web by the University of Michigan Press, 839
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