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Tue Dec 19 05:01:11 EST 2000

Subject:   Hype(rtext)

(from CIT Infobits -- December 2000)

"Recommended Reading" lists items that have been recommended to me
or that Infobits readers have found particularly interesting and/or
useful. Send your recommendations to carolyn_kotlas at unc.edu for
possible inclusion in this column.

"Don't Believe the Hype(Rtext): A Meta-Meta-Criticism of
Meta-Criticism" by Curt Cloninger, in *spark-online.com, issue
14.0, November 2000.

". . . hypertext literature is a wonderful subject for discourse,
theory, and intellectual hobnobbing; but in the final analysis,
there's really not that much to it. . . . Insofar as hypertext
comprises a new literary genre, it's about as riveting as those
'write your own story' books that came out when I was a kid ('If
you choose to fight the dragon, turn to page 72. If you choose to
elope with the maiden, turn to page 287')." Read the entire article
online at

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