[EAS]Merck Manual Home Edition

pjk peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Sun Jan 14 20:13:05 EST 2001

Subject:   Merck Manual Home Edition

Dear Colleagues -

Perhaps it is the extra few twinges in my back today that put me in
mind of sending you this this. 

Keep in mind the earlier Merck text edition at
<http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/> which went online 4-1/2 years
ago, and which I still prefer. 

For health resources see also my mailing to this list of four
years ago <http://www.yale.edu/engineering/eng-info/msg00187.html>
most of whose links still work to informative effect.

  --Peter Kindlmann

_Merck Manual of Medical Information: Home Edition_ - Update [RealPlayer]

Merck & Co., Inc. has released a new interactive version of the
online home edition of their celebrated medical reference text
(reviewed in the {March 17, 2000 _Scout
. Selecting the new version launches a window with 24 topic sections
listed in a table of contents in the upper-left frame. Selecting a
section produces a list of chapters. Chapter topics are listed in the
lower-left frame, and interactive elements are indicated with icons.
These include photos, videos, animations, illustrations, audio,
tables, and sidebars. The _Manual_ is keyword searchable and also
allows users to bookmark pages and display a history. The site claims
that the current version is for Windows users only, but we were able
to access information with a Mac, though not without a few
difficulties. A Mac version is promised for the future, and those
unwilling to suffer through a few glitches can still access the
original text version.

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