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Subject:   Arctic Oil

The Scout Report for Science and Engineering
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Wilderness Society Press Release: "Interior's Draft Report Calls
for Oil Drilling on Millions of Acres of National Lands"
"Energy Task Force: Land Management Planning Draft Report" [.pdf]
The Wilderness Society posted this news release highlighting a
recent report by the Department of the Interior (.pdf format). This
report "offers the first details as to how the administration will
implement a domestic energy policy that includes aggressive
development of federal lands," including the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge. 

15 Most Endangered Wildlands
On Earth Day on April 22, The Wilderness Society announced the year
2001 list of the "15 Most Endangered Wildlands." This year's list
includes Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (AK), Copper River Delta,
Chugach National Forest (AK), Denali National Park and Preserve
(AK), Greater Grand Canyon Ecosystem (AZ), San Joaquin Roadless
Area, Inyo National Forest (CA), Klamath Basin National Wildlife
Refuge (CA & OR), White River National Forest (CO), Big Cypress
National Preserve (FL), Badger Two Medicine/Rocky Mountain Front
(MT), Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument (MT), Greater
Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks (MT, WY, & ID), Upper
Bald River Roadless Area, Cherokee National Forest (TN), Utah
Wilderness (UT), Kettle River Range Roadless Areas, Colville
National Forest (WA), and Red Desert (WY).

Earth Day 2001
The Science and Engineering Library at SUNY-Buffalo presents this
fabulous page of resources in honor of the 31st anniversary of
Earth Day (April 22). The history section discusses the grassroots
beginnings of Earth Day in 1969 in San Francisco. Links to
environmentally-centered pages, such as World Watch Journal and the
Earth Day Project Library, are found in the Earth Day Internet
Resources section. Major US and international environmental
Websites like the World Health Organization's Programme on
Environmental Health, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the
National Library for the Environment, as well as links specific to
Earth day and the environment in New York State, such as
SUNY-Buffalo's special Love Canal online exhibit and the
Rochester-based Center for Environmental Information, are also
featured. Buffalo's Earth Day 2001 page was carefully compiled by
librarians, so it is a great place to come for top Earth Day

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