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Subject:   Russia's Military Experts

Russia's Nuclear and Missile Complex: The Human Factor in
Proliferation [.pdf]
Published by the Non-Proliferation Project of the Carnegie Endowment
for International Peace, this 126-page study "provides the first
detailed statistical glimpse inside the Russian nuclear and missile
complexes." The report is the product of detailed studies performed in
five Russian nuclear cities and three Russian missile enterprises by
Russian social scientist Valentin Tikhonov. The result is "the most
complete picture yet available of the living and working conditions of
Russia's weapons experts." Among many other things, the report finds
that working conditions and living standards for Russia's nuclear and
missile experts have declined sharply in post-Communist Russia, with
more than 62 percent of employees earning less than $50 per month. As
conditions continue to worsen, it becomes all the more likely that
some of these hard-pressed individuals might sell their expertise to
aspiring nuclear nations. The full text of the report may be
downloaded by section in .pdf format at the site.

Dear Colleagues -

This is not exactly news, but the statistics are grim and worth a

The report includes hundreds of statistics and facts on the working
conditions of Russian nuclear and missile experts. Findings in the
nuclear cities include:

*	More than 62% of employees earn less than $50 per month.
*	58% of experts are forced to take 2nd jobs to earn money.
*	89% of experts report a decline in living conditions since 1992.
*	14% of experts would like to work outside of Russia.
*	6% express interest in moving "any place at all."
*	One respondent stated "What does it matter, the main thing is that I
   should be paid money; after all, I will be working, not robbing or

Findings in the missile enterprises include:

*	Between 40% -55% believe their salary is 2 to 3 times below what
   they should be paid.
*	28% of surveyed experts are forced to take 2nd jobs to earn money.
*	67% report a slight or severe decline in economic conditions since 1992
*	25% of those surveyed would like to emigrate to another country and 
*	21% said they would work in the military complex of another country 

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