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Fri Aug 24 13:34:27 EDT 2001

Subject:   Election Reform Report

(from Scout Report, Aug. 24, 2001)

To Assure Pride and Confidence in the Electoral Process: The
National Commission on Federal Election Reform Final Report [.pdf]

The National Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by
Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, among others, released its final
report at the end of last month. Even those tiring of reading and
thinking about election reform may want to take a look at this
108-page document which takes a broader view on election issues
than simply a discussion of chads, hanging or otherwise. The report
begins with a summary of thirteen policy recommendations, among
them, recommendations that Congress make presidential and
congressional elections a national holiday, that news organizations
should not forecast presidential election results as long as polls
remain open, and that states should make allowances to restore
voting rights to citizens who have served their time for felony

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