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Sat Oct 27 21:34:53 EDT 2001

Subject:   E-Failure Museum

(from The Scout Report -- October 26, 2001)

The Museum of E-Failure

The Museum of E-Failure bears witness to the dot.bomb phenomenon,
presenting the last images of the front pages of failed Websites.
Steve Baldwin, who maintains the site, explains, "It is my hope
that these screenshots may serve as a reminder of the glory, folly,
and historically unique design sensibilities of the Web's Great
Gilded Age (1995-2001)." The sites are arranged in a long list,
with recent additions on the top of the page. Clicking on a site
name brings up a screen shot of the site's farewell front page. A
sort of virtual graveyard, the Museum of E-Failure represents a
memorial on the side of the information highway.

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