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Subject:   Leonid Meteor Shower

(from The Scout Report -- November 16, 2001)

"Astronomers Anticipate Meteor "Storm" on November 18th"
[.pdf, QuickTime]

The annual Leonid meteor shower, named for its emanation from the
constellation Leo, will blow past Earth on November 18, 2001.
Astronomers predict that North America will get the most spectacular
Leonid shower it has seen in 35 years. "Earth is about to plow through
a cloud of space dust that could light up our skies with celestial
fireworks," notes Alan MacRobert, senior editor for Sky and Telescope
(S&T) magazine. For more about the Leonids, refer to Sky and Telescope
online. From the press release above, users can access a special
report, peak activity prediction tables, images and QuickTime
animations (intended for the press), and a .pdf of the S&T print
article on the Leonid showers.

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