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Subject:   Education Reports

(from The Scout Report--January 18, 2002)

The Knowledge Economy and Postsecondary Education 2001 Report

Americans have witnessed and participated in an "extraordinary decade
of economic volatility and educational reform." As a result, the
National Academy of Sciences appointed a committee to organize a
workshop to explore how the various participants in the post-secondary
sector have been responding to economic changes. This workshop, which
was held in May 2001, was approved by the Governing Board of the
National Research Council and has recently been transcribed into this
199-page document. The document consists of an 8-page workshop summary
report, and 186 pages of papers presented during the workshop. Some of
the paper topics include "Demographics and American Trends in Post
Secondary Education," presented by Lisa Hudson, and "Creating
High-Quality Learning Environments: Guidelines from Research on How
People Learn," presented by John Bransford. It is important to mention
that the focus of the workshop was on the post-secondary system itself
rather than an attempt to explain the manner in which the United
States economy influences higher education.

Growth Continued in 2000 in Graduate Enrollment in Science and
Engineering Fields

The National Science Foundation/Division of Science Resources
Statistics recently released this brief report on the trends in
enrollment of science and engineering graduate students from 1993 to
the fall of 2000. This four-page report is accessible in hypertext
format or .pdf, and it contains information on enrollment by field,
citizenship, race/ethnicity, and postdoctoral appointees. Data
presented in this report are from the Fall 2000 Survey of Graduate
Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering and were
collected from approximately 11,800 departments at approximately 600
institutions of higher education in the United States. More detailed
information is soon to be released in a forthcoming report entitled
Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering: Fall

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