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Subject:   Best Companies To Work For

Technology companies are well-represented, Xilinx and Qualcomm ranking
highest among them.  --PJK
(from The Scout Report -- February 1, 2002)

Fortune: Best Companies to Work For

Fortune has recently released its list of the "Best Companies to Work
For." According to Fortune, the list consists of 100 companies who
were willing "to come up with creative ways to keep their employees
satisfied" and treated them with "respect and dignity." 80 companies
on the list avoided layoffs last year (in the wake of the September
11th tragedy), while 47 reported that they have some sort of official
policy barring layoffs. Of course, sometimes companies are forced to
take the drastic step of laying off employees, and when layoffs
occurred, Fortune gave companies credit for offering generous
severance. Click to this site to find out who made the list and a
detailed explanation of how the companies were chosen. 

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