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pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Sat Feb 2 23:07:51 EST 2002

Subject:   Open Source Encyclopedia

Another interesting example of Internet collaboration. 
[The word Wiki itself comes from wiki wiki, a Hawaiian phrase
meaning "quick."] --PJK
(from Edupage, January 23, 2002)

Wikipedia is commemorating the one-year anniversary of its free,
collaboratively developed encyclopedia with the announcement that
circulation for the project has doubled in just four months.
Wikipedia said more than 20,000 articles can now be found on its
Web site, up from 10,000 in September 2001. As an open project,
visitors to Wikipedia's site can edit an article without signing
up for the service. Part of Wikipedia's success is attributed to
a strong core group of contributors who maintain community
standards of quality and neutrality. Wikipedia can be distributed
for free under the GNU Free Documentation License. Almost 200
people worldwide work on the project on a daily basis, and over
1,000 people have contributed to the encyclopedia, organizers
said. They credit the project's "nonbias" policy and the fact that
participants can easily edit each other's work as factors why so
many diverse people can work together with little oversight.
(InternetNews.com, 17 January 2002)


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