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Sat Mar 2 20:39:22 EST 2002

Subject:   NSDL & Scout Projects


As part of the NSDL (National Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics Education Digital Library) project, the Internet Scout
Project announced the publication of three new, bi-weekly online

-- NSDL Scout Report for Life Sciences: Biology, Zoology, Ecology,
Botany, and other Life Science topics;

-- NSDL Scout Report for Physical Sciences: Geology, Chemistry,
Astronomy, Physics, and other Physical Science topics;

-- NSDL Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology: Industrial
Engineering, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Civil Engineering, Applied
Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, Computer Sciences, Human
Factors, Hardware, and Software, and related topics.

For more details about these reports, see:

To subscribe to the reports, see: 

The Internet Scout Project is located in the Department of Computer
Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is sponsored by
the National Science Foundation to provide timely information to the
education community about valuable Internet resources. Daily and
weekly updates are offered for K-12 and higher education faculty,
staff, and students, as well as interested members of the general
public. For more information about all the activities of the Project,
link to http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/ 

The National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology
Education Digital Library (NSDL) is currently under construction with
funding from the National Science Foundation. The NSDL will offer, via
the Internet, high-quality materials for science, mathematics,
engineering, and technology education. Its initial release is
scheduled for Fall 2002. For more information, link to

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